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Learn To Use Data To Create Relevant Content

Learn To Use Data To Create Relevant Content

” Nothing is more powerful than the idea whose time has come “

                                                                                                                – Victor Hugo

content logoImportance of Content

With the world becoming more and more digitised, digital content is becoming more and more crucial for organisations. In the context of businesses, digital channels are increasingly becoming important to engage with and attract customers. It is clear that good and relevant content is the basis of any successful digital marketing initiative.

Here we will find out how to create data- driven content that will be relevant to your audience and increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing initiative.

Determining the relevance of content

Search Engines

Search Engines are the basic source of determining the success of your content. Higher the ranking of your website in keyword search results, higher is the relevance of your content to your audience. Search Engines are very objective in determining the rank of your website in keyword searches. Amongst other factors, the number of visitors is  a very important factor in determining this rank. If your rank in website search results is low, you have to do some amount of research in search engines that could help you in improving the rank of your website in search engine results.

Keyword Research
  • Suggested Keywords

Keywords related to your content give you a good idea about what are the exact topics users are searching for related to your content. eg If you have created a content related to the ‘internet of things’, the ‘suggested searches’ feature in search engines comes quite handy. The search engines display suggested keywords related to the phrase ‘internet of things’ after you have typed these keywords. These suggestions come from the actual statistics of usage of these keywords. See the graphic below.

iot keyword suggestThese suggestions give a clear idea what users are looking for.

  • Titles and Meta descriptions on the first page of search results

The titles and meta descriptions on the first page of search results give a good idea of what is the popular trend related to your content.

iot first page

  •  Get ideas from PPC ads

The PPC ads that are displayed when a user types in the keywords are the most relevant ads for those keywords. The ranking of these ads is determined by relevance, traffic and bid amounts. See this Blog Post .Since these rankings are based upon traffic, these are indicators of a high clickthrough rate ie. popularity of the content of these ads. Hence these ads give a good idea of trends on the topics related to your content.

iot ppc

  • Use Keyword suggestor tools such as Soovle and Ubersuggest

Soovle is a tool that gives you keyword results from major search engines such as Google, Bing,, Wikipedia, You Tube, Yahoo and This gives you an idea of popular keywords across search engines.

iot soovleUbersuggest lists down all possible keywords and also links to Google Trends

iot ubersuggest

Google Trends gives the number of users who typed those particular keywords over time( 12 months period). It also gives region wise users and plenty of other useful information.

google trends gogole trends region wiseYou can also compare a number of keywords as per their usage in one graphic in Google Trends.

Search Volume can be found out by using Keyword Tools of Hubspot or others.

Thus keyword research helps in giving insights in the popular keyword phrases being used on the web and you can modify your content to suit these trends. It is a good idea if all the vital statistics of keywords like usage etc. is maintained in a spreadsheet.

Determining the format of Content

Having determined the relevance of your content and restructured it, the next step is to decide the format of the content. The format implies the length of the content blog, the title format, presentation format, days best suited to publish the content blog, the most shared content style by keyword etc.

Buzzsumo is a great tool that analyses content. Buzzsumo gives the most shared content by keyword phrases. See picture below.iot buzzsumoBuzzsumo gives a threadbare analysis on keywords, such as shares by social media networks, shares by content type, shares by content length, shares by domains etc. You can fine tune your content delivery using Buzzsumo quite effectively.

content analysis iot

The other service Buzzsumo provides is to amplify your content. Buzzsumo helps you build the right audience for your content. They identify users who are visiting websites relating to your content or writing about or amplifying that content. This helps you identify stakeholders for your content. the picture below shows a list of twitter influencers related to the content related to the keywords ‘connected devices’.twitter influencers buzzsmu

Finally, Buzzsumo gives you a great monitoring tool about your brand mentions, your competitors’ activities, who is linking to you etc. by way of alerts so that you are always in the know about what’s happening in the world of the web. You can adjust your content strategies and respond to the trends in the market quite rapidly. Buzzsumo has a free version which has many of these features. The paid version has many more advanced features.

Another good tool is the Coschedule Headline Analyser that does very detailed analyses of headlines. You can phrase catchy and effective headlines using the insights obtained from this tool.

Executing your content strategy

Having decided the relevant content, determined the proper format for it and put proper tools and monitoring mechanisms for your content, the final step is executing the content.

  • Consistently publish content: You have to be very consistent in your content publishing as this has two benefits- Your readers remain engaged with you and you can attract newer readers to your website and secondly, SEO will rank your website higher for search results. This is because SEO gives a higher rank for websites that continuously update content. See the prolific amount of informational blogs written on this webpage of IBM. These blogs help readers remain engaged with the brand IBM and indirectly help in generating business in the long run. It is clear that a lot of analysis on content must be being done by IBM to deliver these webpages. It is also clear that a dedicated team with a clear focus on content marketing would be working 24*7 to deliver high quality content.
    ibm blogs
  • Use innovative themes: Content aims at providing themes that will attract the visitors. See this innovative blog profiling an Indian employee by Microsoft. Considering that India is a rapidly growing market for I.T. consumption and that this would immediately strike a cord with Indian audience, Microsoft has published this stories
  • Be ahead of competition: By continuous research, finding untapped opportunities, publishing better content, staying current and promoting the content to the right audience you can stay ahead of your competitors and execute a winning content strategy. See this blog by Caterpillar on sustainability, knowing that this is a current buzzword and would definitely attract attention of environmentally conscious supporting sustain


SEO is a great tool to examine and improve effectiveness of your content. Using web data analytics, you can create relevant content for your audience.

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