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Learn To Use Facebook For Thank You Notes

Learn To Use Facebook For Thank You Notes

Facebook facilitates us with so many options, we can do a lot with the Facebook to enhance our posts with its in build features it provides us but why do not to use this platform and think of bringing  some innovation on posting like say posting a token of appreciation “Thank You”. Facebook for Thank You Notes is one such feature.

facebook for thank you notesIt is always good to show some gratitude towards the people and tell them how  good you feel, if you don’t let them know than it will be like wrapping up the gift and not giving it. There are different ways to say Thank you. In this post you will Learn to use Facebook for thank you notes.

Everybody is on Facebook, your friends, neighbours, relatives, school mates, colleagues. Mostly it is accessed everyday and Nowadays it has become a trend to congratulate, to wish through Facebook. There are thousands of reason when people will post you a message.

Some of the common scenarios where people post you a message and you can use Facebook for Thank you notes can be:

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  • Like your product – Someone has purchased your product and like it very much and they have posted that how good they feel after using your product.
  • Wish you for birthday/ Anniversary – It is common now days on Facebook to wish for Birthday or Anniversary
  • Wish you a Success – You have achieved some milestone in your life, You have got a job, you have started a new business and people have wished you
  • Informative Post – Someone have posted useful info like  recipes or if you are an professional and someone has posted an information of how to in your respective field.
  • Like your image – Someone who has really liked the image of some place you visited and commented on that
  • Like your Page – facebook for thank you notesSomeone has liked your page, Post on your page. If your fan base has increased in a good number, then you can also post generalize thank you message on your timeline.

If you think out of box scenarios to use Facebook for thank you notes can be:

  • Someone gifted your child his favourite thing or the most wanted thing, You can click a photo with the child, gift and then post it on Facebook with a cute message.
  • Someone offered a delicious dinner at home. – You can click the foodie and guest who invited you and send a thank you note.
  • Someone who invited for the party and whose decoration was awesome – You can appreciate them and say thank you for inviting them and be a part of such wonderful party.

You can post Thank You notes for both that is at the business front as well as at personal front. Thanking someone at business front will build trust in your brand and at personal level will make your relationship much stronger.

There are different ways in which you can express your gratitude by Thank you notes on Facebook.

  • Thank You text post – Type a simple Thank you message and send it on Facebook to that particular person. Not so cool idea though…
  • Thank you image  – There are thousands of thank you images available on the internet, you can simply search, there are also various websites which provides customized and theme images, you can simply add it as a pic and you can send it . It has a more personalized touch compare to simple text message.
    Let us see an example of how can you post image and also bring out your innovation.Upload some good Thank you image through photo/ video option and then add feeling by clicking on the smiley option 
    facebook status udpate thank you notes

Select the feeling you want to show about how you feel.

facebook for thank you notes

Once you select the feeling it will added it will be shown in the post.

facebook for thank you notes

You can then address to the person whom you want to send a thank you note by prefixing @ and then typing the person’s name.

facebook for thank you notes

  • Thankyou ecard – There are various sites through which you can send a Thank you e-card directly on someones Facebook account. One of the famous site is which is very old and  has various e-greeting cards with a nice animation. It provides an option to send a ecard on Facebook.  You make your thank you note more impressive.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

Free Digital Marketing Webinar

Date: 24th Jul, 2019 (Wed)
Time: 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (IST/GMT +5:30)

Let us see an example of how you can post an ecard.

Select a thank you ecard 

facebook for thank you notes

There is a Facebook send button click on that and it will ask you the friend name whom you want to send a card. Customize it and send it.

facebook for thank you notes

facebook for thank you notes

Your friend will receive your thank you e-card.

Now you know the options to use Facebook for thank you notes. Hope you will delight your  friends by sending them thank you notes. If someone has taken effort to appreciate you, give you a feedback then why can’t you show them how they make you feel through thank you notes and make them feel noticed. After all it does not cost you anything.

Benefit of posting Thank You note through social media

Major benefit of using social networking site to post thank you notes compare to the traditional thank you card is that it reaches instantly

You have the varied options of creating your own digital card through various mediums available, various templates, images and designs to make a card available. You can customize it and can post it as a Facebook image. There are various apps available through which you can show your innovations, you can also add sticky, emotions.

The messages are not only restricted to the sender and the receiver but the people in your network also comes to know about the good deed and you get noticed and there is a positivity in your posts and feel good factors.

You build a good rapport if you are business professionals and a strong bond personally. Believe it, your thank you note will bring smile on the person’s face.

Image Credits: Facebook

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