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Learn To Use Google Plus For Your Business SEO

Learn To Use Google Plus For Your Business SEO

Google Plus for your business will definitely be a place for SEO and we have so many evidence all around to prove that let’s have a closer look at each point stated by the marketers and you might be getting a question like Google Plus support SEO directly or  indirectly obviously you ‘ll get your answer for whatever the questions related to topic and relationship between Google Plus and SEO are perfectly discussed here.

Google plus and SEO



To make a social media presence on Google+ is indeed to any of the SMB(small/medium size business) due to the fact the platform gives you better visibility via Google Search. There are a number of potential aspects which can be drawn by setting right strategy for google plus for your business like higher ranking  in search results, bringing more and more customers by displaying the crucial  business facts at one place — such as location and directions, phone number, photos, reviews and more — exactly at one go from google search. Google+ provides a wider range of promotions such as posts, special deals and other content for entertaining your own audiences, ranging from the folks in your Google+ “Circles” to the one who is searching for your business on Google.

Google + page

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Your Google plus business profile  should  act as a miniature website for your company  so, it is very crucial to fill out all the details asked for  even to add some extra information about the business.Your task is not ended only by creating the page you have to work a bit hard to add people whom you think as prospect customers. For eg you can create a customer circle, vendor circle, or industry circle.Discover communities to add more. It is a place where you can get linked with many active members of Google+ in smaller niche communities. Building a large fan base  by interacting with as many groups as possible will open up new opportunities for your business.

Google plus  Business users also get some mentorship  via some programs conducted by Google. like the one happening On Thursday, February 18, 2016, they conducted a 1-hour Google My Business panel discussion at the Googleplex and every individual user who make use of  Google plus business are invited.This program help in getting the proper usage of Google plus also Google My Business users are given an opportunity to communicate their experiences directly with the engineers and the support team.

Moving ahead of the rivals – THE POWERFUL SEO

How to improve seo through google buisness

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DoFollow Link-

It is an important trait of Gooogle plus where business need to concentrate to gain SEO importance for your business page.By proper usage of this tool we can gain TrustRank, PageRank  and to top the search page and also let us know how your site ranks for unique keywords.

Keyword stuffing-

Everyone knows the usage of right keywords on your site as well as posts will lead to improving SEO but stuffing so many keywords in your meta tags and content will lead you to the drastic situation such as banning or penalizing your site so be wise when choosing the number of keywords on your Google business page.


Optimizing  your business page in Google plus will Ensure that you optimize your information to maximize from Google+. Here are the five ways you can tweak your profile page and business page to build a robust SEO strategy.

SEO Title

 This should be the name of your company. Any attempt to stuff keywords here should be avoided as it has little or no SEO value.

Custom Page URL

 One can now set a custom URL for their profiles. It is ideal for companies that want cleaner URLs for their Google+ page.

SEO Meta Description

 The first couple of sentences of your introduction as well as the tagline is the SEO meta description for your page. This is where you should try using the most relevant keywords of your business. The Google+ authorship tool is handy here as it allows you to let Google know that the content was created by you. Do not lose out important optimization by not using the tool.

Google plus used for business

In fact, Google +1s have the single highest correlation with Google search ranking (0.4), higher than the number of Facebook shares (0.34), a number of backlinks (0.34), and total Facebook Likes, Shares, and Comments (0.34).As with the Searchmetrics study, Moz found that the correlation of Google +1s with Google search ranking “beat out other well-known metrics including linking root domains, Facebook shares, and even keyword usage.”

Sharing great content very often will definitely entertain to your audience because they want to hear from you but this sharing also helps to add SEO value by indexing more content of yours in Google.Also, believe in COPE and try to share whatever the content that you are sharing in other social media.High search engine rankings are essential to your inbound marketing success. The sooner you set up your Google+ profile, the earlier Google can begin indexing you and your pages.

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