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Learn To Use Mouseflow For Live Click Tracking & Website Analytics

Learn To Use Mouseflow For Live Click Tracking & Website Analytics

Mouseflow has come up with a unique way of tracking the behaviour of your site. Now you can see how your visitor is using your website. Mouseflow captures all mouse movements, scrolls, keystrokes and form fills. This helps in identifying where the visitors pay more attention. It was exciting when I tried the demo in Mouseflow. It really records what you do and the playback shows the entire interaction by tracking the flow of your mouse. Let us learn to use Mouseflow for live click tracking & website analytics.


Mouse flow and its Advantages

  • See how your visitor navigates your web site.
  • All mouse movements, scrolling, user engagements can be viewed.
  • Get the visual overview of the user interaction.
  • Helps to know optimise the page my seeing the real engagement of user.


  1. Live Mouse tracking

Live mouse tracking helps in tracking all mouse movements and clicks, scrolls, key stokes, and form fills. Mouse Movement and Clicks gives us the real visitor behaviour by recording the mouse floe during navigation. This helps to know the behaviour of user and their interaction enabling us to improve the page. Scroll behaviour tells us whether the user really read the content. This summarizes what user did on a particular visit. The actual interaction or the real action taken by the visitor is obtained from analysing the visitors key stroke and form fills.


  1. Instant Heatmaps

Heatmaps is a graphical representation of the visitor trends. Click Heat Maps lets you see where visitor click and do not click. This includes the anchor links, buttons and even the elements they clicked incorrectly. Movement click Maps tells you the pattern of mouse movement of a particular visitor. This helps us to know where the visitor gave more attention and points out the areas where we require optimisation, by understanding the pros and cons of the design of the web page. Scroll Heat Maps lets you know the scrolling pattern of visitor which in turn helps you identify the positioning of buttons (“Add to cart”, “Buy”, “Subscribe” etc.).


  1. In Page Analytics

The Visitor Information in Mouseflow gives the details of number of page views,  views of a page per day, the length of the visit, interaction time of each visitor etc. Mouseflow knows the importance to know, from where the data comes and quantifies the visitor behaviour. Page Information in Mouseflow helps you to understand your web page from the visitor’s perspective.  Mouseflow shows you the statistics like average page size, rendering time, height, number of clicks etc.

in page

  1. Link Analytics

Link analysis helps you see how visitor click, hover, and interact with links.  Number of Clicks and Hovers on a button or a link in your web page. It shows you how many visitors click a particular button or link. Mouseflow also gives the details the exact time it took for conversion. We can compare the effectiveness of key elements using the mouseflow metrics. The most clicked link can be identified with this metric, which helps in the finale optimisation. The metric, improve your call to action, helps you to increase the conversion rate. How much time each visitor takes in hovering on buttons and links and how can we improve this. Improve your call to action metric helps you in doing this. Do all the visitor get all the information that they need or expect from your website. Mouseflow metric tell you the amount of time that passes before a visitor hovers or clicks on a button or link.  Mouseflow metric can be used to position elements effectively.


  1. E Commerce

How can you analyse the elements of a dynamic page. Mouseflow have the solution. The maximum interaction happens in an E commerce website.  The data at a point of time cannot give the exact details of continues transaction happening in real time. Mouseflow record dynamic elements and let you see the page exactly like your visitor. Encrypted connections makes gathering data difficult, especially in a session based cart and checkout pages. This helps in eliminating drop-offs and optimising sales.  Mouseflow in turn help you to jump directly into the mind of a customer, letting you to identify what exactly happens. Understanding buyer psychology is helpful in providing better service.


  1. Agencies

Mouseflow help you to deliver meaningful results. For agencies Mouseflow give the option to download the recordings, which can be archived and shared with your clients. Multi User Accounts lets the agencies share their data with clients, colleagues etc. Letting you work in team is now easier, with more than one person accessing to the same data at the same time. Analytics can give better result when the analysts have the freedom to customise. In Mouseflow, like Google Analytics, we can customise widgets and applications depending upon the requirements.

Mouseflow allows third part integration with other products and tools, which makes it easy to push in data to apply segmentation and filters. Mouseflow is today one of the industry leader by number of active installation. With more than 45000 clients Mouseflow is a popular name in Web Analytics today. The Mouseflow’s feature to replay visitor sessions and the ability to generate behavioural heatmaps has made them a major name in Web analytics.

Image Credits: mouseflow

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