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Learn To Write 2000 Words Article In Less Than 2 Hours

Learn To Write 2000 Words Article In Less Than 2 Hours

When someone asks you to write an article with a 300 words limit, you may find the limit too low for you to summarize your ideas in that article. But what if they give you to write a 600 words article? Still few of you might find the limit to be unjust, for not giving you freedom to put all your views in it. But what if you were told to write an article of 800 or 1000 words limit? Now, we can find few people who will find it extremely hard to reach even close to that high limit of words.


Now imagine about filling your page with 2000 words, is it even possible for you to do that? You may say, only a writer with writing skill above their average limit can fill their page with 2000 words. If you say so, you won’t be entirely wrong. But, it matters how exactly you are defining a person to be a writer with their writing skills above average people. Let’s see what exactly we need to write an article of 2000 words in less than 2 hrs.

Importance of a content


Any type of marketing strategy a have a great importance of a good content in it. Specially, when you are using inbound marketing strategy a good content can double up your number of visitors in minimum time possible. An interesting content is the key factor why people click on your website link in first place. The engagement with your content will increase according to your content and how good they are triggering the emotions of their readers.

More relevant your content seems to be more will be the engagement to the reader, which will directly result in increasing number of visitors. This will divert the traffic to your website and as a result of this the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking of your website will move at the top of Google search engine. This is all that you need to make your website visible to the audience at the top of all search results, when they search for your website in Google Search Engine. The number of conversions from a large number of visitors will increase as well, resulting in increasing of your online sells. When you move back through this ripple effect, the very first thing that you need to take care of is a large relevant content. And to help to make that easy tricks are design for your better understanding of the tips to write 2000 words in less than 2 hrs.

Easy 2000 words article writing tricks

To be honest, writing a 2000 words article is definitely a tough work. It will need a lot of hard work to make the content relevant enough for the users. So in order to make it easier 5 tricks have been brought together for you.

  1. Reevaluate your inhibitions


When you were asked to write an article of 2000 words, what is the first thing that’s stopping you from putting your pen down to write that 2000 words article, ask yourself? The very first thing is to identity that weakness which is stopping you from writing that article. Is it the lack words that’s stopping you, is it the laziness, or the time constraint of finishing it in less than 2 hrs., or the lack of knowledge or facts about the given topic is the reason that holding you from writing an article of 2000 words. As soon as you find out the reason for your lack of interest in writing a 2000 words article, you will be able to start working on overcoming the situation.

  1. Collecting of facts


When you look at the other side, you can always fill an article with 2000 words, but what matters is to make an article where each and every word among all those 2000 words is relevant to the readers. Only then your content will be of some use for the purpose for which it is created. So one of the every important thing that you need to make your 2000 words in that content relevant for the readers is the use facts and figure in it. A reader will soon lose their interest in reading 2000 words long article unless they find some facts in it. And the best ways to gather fact is to keep checking different newspapers, journals and catalogs, and Ofcourse live updates of twitter, which always proves be a great sources for gathering facts for a writer.

  1. Breathe life in your facts


Just writing down the facts will probably not help your key purpose of making people read your content. You must learn how to breathe life in your facts. This is possible only when you keep writing more and more. While preparing your article of 2000 words, you will need to keep the type of people in focus for whom you will be writing that article. Facts must have to be linked with each need argument of advice that you keep for your readers, only than your facts will seem to be alive. Use of pictures to illustrate and example of your fact always helps a lot.

  1. Use of editorial calendar


Do you produce articles randomly for your website or do you have a proper plan? This question must be taken seriously because there must be a consistency in generation of your contents. Over a period of time, irregularity of producing contents may cut way your website from your constant readers of your article.

So, in order to take care of such problem an editorial calendar defining the types and numbers of articles to be published each week must be scheduled beforehand. This will help you look more professional and well organized which will result in increasing the trust of the readers.

  1. Content curation


Content curation is the process of going through a different resources in order to make your content relevant and well organized. Content curation is a new trend in content marketing strategy and it helps an lot in increasing the credibility of your content. The demand for your content will increase when you know which topic you should choose for writing.


Although, it is true that creating a 2000 word article is a tough task. But by keeping check on all those 5 points given above, you can make sure that you will be able to create a relevant 2000 words content.

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