Lenovo Created Brand Favourability By 17% Via LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

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Lenovo is the biggest Computer, Laptop, tablet, Mobile manufacturing company serving 160 countries, with over more than $30 billion sales and 35000 employees. It was founded in 1984, headquartered in Beijing, China. In July 2013 it was at no.1 position for PC market share across the globe, but one needs to be continuously active to be on the mind of your target audience, hence Lenovo choose to incorporate LinkedIn sponsored   updates. Let us see how Lenovo increased brand favorability by 17% through LinkedIn sponsored updates.

Lenovo LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Strategy

LinkedIn launched its sponsored updates known as “Direct sponsored Content” in July 2014. Lenovo was the first beta partners who experimented with this feature. Lenovo was offered by LinkedIn to be one of the beta partners for Sponsored Updates. This was the prospect for Lenovo which they wanted to seize, it was like hitting the nails at the right place as Lenovo’s main aim was to target the new set of audience engagement based on their content. As LinkedIn was the perfect platform for them to achieve this, Lenovo joined hands with LinkedIn and become the first beta partners for LinkedIn sponsored updates feature.

Since May to June last year, Lenovo published the sponsored Updates by dividing the topics in four main categories i.e. Brand, Thought leadership, Products and External trends. These four content categories were served to their target audience by rotating contents on their feeds, which allowed audiences to get actually engage and share their opinions.  On the other hand Lenovo got an opportunity to observe the trend on these different topics and get the feedback and comments from the varieties of the audiences for their published content, which further helped them to improvise and optimize more on the content. The response which they received played a very important role. It helped them to make some researches that they are going to do in future for their products

Some of the Sponsored Updates published by LinkedIn.

Lenovo Sponsored


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Why Lenovo choose LinkedIn as a marketing strategy

LinkedIn is the best platform for content sharing, it provides to reach the right type of quality customer or business professionals through this they can get opportunity to expand social media presence, can get a correct feedback and establish in engagement marketing strategy through LinkedIn.

How LinkedIn helped Lenovo for its brand favorability

Rod Strother, Director of Digital and social center  of excellence  believes that the content plays a vital part for the social media strategy, Content is key to connect to your company  and  your target audiences. Strother further believes that no matter, how much content they create is not enough, to completely understand what your audience wants from you, you need to create a great relevant content and keep customer engage. Strother says LinkedIn was able to precisely target the potential consumers Lenovo was looking to reach. They gave an in-depth insights through engagement metrics. LinkedIn targeting method helped to understand in detail of what exactly their customer wants from them, and further enabled Strother to analyse how different audience segments responded and engaged with Lenovo’s various type of content. By using these engagement metrics they were able to understand their consumers accurately.

Watch this video for the full coverage of what Rod Strother says about their LinkedIn sponsored update marketing strategy.

Results through LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Marketing strategy

Lenovo had taken a great part in the customer engagement through the comments they received from the audiences, they responded to their audiences concern which shows that they really care about their customers and it was a feel good factor for their customers as their queries were answered. This strategy was the major component which helped Lenovo to increase the brand favorability by 17% and also multiplied its engagement.

How can LinkedIn Help Business with sponsored updates

LinkedIn is for the professionals, be it individuals or companies, It provides a platform for companies to engage their customers by providing compelling content. People here get connected basis on their same professions, their interest industries, they seek information regarding their interest. They can find their relevant contents in the form of articles, blogs on current industry trends, best practices to follow and so on. But creating a great content is not enough, you need to promote your content to your target audiences so that it gets noticed to the potential customers, this can be achieved by publishing your content through sponsored updates. Sponsored updates appears in people Homepage feeds along with the organic feeds/post of the companies they are connected with, they can be very useful to increase the brand awareness , generate the potential leads and  build strong relationship with the audiences, Lenovo and other large companies have used LinkedIn as the medium to reach their target audiences with success and have accomplished their goals. LinkedIn has been proved very helpful for professional achievement, brand awareness and individual branding for millions of people all over the world.

Image and video Credit: Business.linkedin.com, Youtube

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