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Let Hootsuite Help You Out With Social Media Management

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There is a lot of buzz around social media management. Creating an account on all the leading social networking sites to make an online presence is at the top of the priority list of all business houses. Social networking sites allow a business to connect to its people very easily. One can post different types of messages. These messages can be in the form of video, images, text or links etc. depending on an individual’s interest and requirement.

Presence on more than one social networking site has become a general trend. The more the merrier is the accepted norm in online networking. There are people who prefer certain networking sites over other. In order to tap more people, it is mandatory to keep an active profile on all the mediums like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare etc.

The advantages of multiple accounts are many as it results in wider reach. Any course of action will definitely be backed by some kind of setback. The same is applicable in case of operating multiple accounts. Updating contents on each social networking site efficiently can become really cumbersome. At some point of time people are unable to manage these multiple accounts. As a result, the performance also diminishes followed by poor business. This issue has grabbed lot of attention in the recent past and some tool had to be formulated to tackle the issue.

This gave way to an amazing tool called Hootsuite which resolves all the issues brought out above and helps in managing multiple accounts.


Hootsuite is a tool which helps to manage all the social networking sites by integrating them under one login. Hootsuite acts as a dashboard where one can post contents to all the social networking sites simultaneously. It also allows to manage the updates, news, notifications, messages, replies etc. efficiently. This is the biggest advantage of Hootsuite as it reduces the time spent on logging in and logging out of different accounts.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are widely used networking sites. Timely updating of the pages on these mediums form the most important agenda for organizations using social media. Hootsuite plays a major role here. Just a click and all the networking sites are updated. One can also manage their campaigns over Hootsuite. It also helps to identify and tap the correct audience as everything is so organised and chances of missing out prospective clients is reduced manifold.

How do we customise Hootsuite?

There are many extraordinary features with Hootsuite. Hootsuite provides the flexibility to customise these features according to an individual’s requirement. The following are few important features of Hootsuite:

  • One can take complete control of the contents. The user can decide which post should be made visible to which reader. The decision is left to the user’s discretion.
  • Hootsuite also allows the user to schedule the posts. One can select a particular date and time on which the post should be published. This gives the user the much needed flexibility. The user need not be sitting in front of a computer as the posts will automatically get published on the set date and time.
  • The performance of a product or service should be measured at regular intervals. Hootsuite allows the user to keep a close watch on the brand’s performance. Hootsuite ensures that all the posts and the related activities are performing well.
  • In order to stay connected to other members in the contact list, Hootsuite allows other members to view notifications and contents without compromising the passwords. All the information regarding an entry, for example, status updates, messages, questions and answers etc. can be sent to people in the connection via email.
  • Hootsuite uses analytical tools which provides the complete information about the performance of a particular content. This helps the users to change their strategy as per the requirement. These analytical tools are very handy as they are able to project correct data which is very important to stand against competitors. As part of analytics, Hootsuite sends out analysis to the user over email which provides complete information about the post like number of clicks, the place from where the content has been accessed, referrers and details about popular links etc.
  • The compatibility of Hootsuite with various platforms makes it stand out in the crowd. Hootsuite can be accessed over internet, Blackberry, iPad, Apps and iPhone making it the most widely used social media management system.
  • Depending upon the usability, Hootsuite comes in two forms as far as pricing is concerned. One can use the basic Hootsuite version which will not cost the user any dime. The features will also be limited in this package. On the other hand, if the requirement is of advanced nature, one should go for the other package in which a nominal amount needs to be paid. This package comes with very useful features like integrating any number of social networking accounts, report-generating tools, sharing the package with one more member etc. The user should make a smart choice depending upon the amount of usage.
  • Hootsuite allows the business to have good team management facility. The user can divide the work load among the team members. When any of the team member accesses Hootsuite, that person will be notified about the tasks allocated and can act accordingly. This will help to avoid a lot of confusion among team members. Same notification will not be dealt by multiple members as it will project poor image towards the team management. When the team members are located in different places, Hootsuite allows them to send out private messages.
  • Hootsuite can be really useful in the customer support department of any organization. If the objective is not only to manage the social media presence, Hootsuite can be used in customer support over Twitter as well. Businesses can distribute messages from customers to different teams and can be centrally monitored by the administrator. Hootsuite allows to save messages in draft which can used in case of queries which are repetitive in nature.

There are many players in the market promising to provide better social media management system. Hootsuite is gaining popularity under tough competition because of its excellent features. Hootsuite can turn out to be tool with great advantages for business houses juggling with their time to manage their multiple social media accounts. The efficiency and the ease with which Hootsuite manages all the social media requirements is really remarkable!!!

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