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Let Hootsuite Manage Social Media Effectively For Small Business

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hootsuite social platformsCompanies now-a-days face lot of challenges when they have to manage and juggle between multiple number of social media accounts. Thus, sustaining a durable presence on all social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare etc. has become equally important. Staying active and engaging on the social platform is incredibly time consuming. To tackle this many companies have come up with some social media marketing tools, over last few years to help in active web presence and make life easy for the marketers.

One such tool that continually tops the list of social media management tools is a social media known as Hootsuite. Hootsuite helps marketers to manage their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Google+ accounts (though Hootsuite supports an extensive list social media, the one’s mentioned here are few of the top notch platforms) all from a single location. Hootsuite helps you to save and better manage your time in handling multiple platforms at one go. Hootsuite also has other benefits other than just managing multiple media profiles. We will be discussing few of them below:

1. Hootsuite’s Link trackingbrightkit-stats

Hootsuite provides us with it’s own branded URL shortner This not only helps us in shortening the long URLs but also it provides another feature of tracking all the clicks that you receive and delivering them to an easy to read charts/graphs which further helps you to analyse them to track your performance and formulate your future strategies. This tool provides marketers with extensive analytics, reporting and monitoring features that helps them to develop professional reports for their business. This gives the marketers the deep understanding that whether the efforts that are being put in, bearing right kind of results. If there is an analogy then that be addressed with better planning and execution.

2. Hootlet

hootlet-with-autoscheduleHootlet is one of the best feature offered by Hootsuite. It is a bookmarking plug-in. Hootlet is located in your browser’s toolbar which can be easily accessed by you. It is a real advantage comes in play while sharing. Suppose you are going through some of the articles or information that you would like to share with your followers or fans, then you just need to hit this Hootlet button and bingo!!!! the plugin shortens the URL automatically with the help of and inserts directly from the site the content/text that appears most prominent. This in a way, again saves your time and effort.

3. Scheduling

hootsuite-schedulingOne of the biggest and most prominent social networking enemy of a marketer is time. Big brands and organizations usually struggle in dedicating full time to the different social media marketing profiles. They get entangled as to what post and more importantly when to post, as no marketer can practically be in a log-in position for 24 hours. Here again Hootsuite proves to be quite helpful because of its scheduling feature. Hootsuite helps you in scheduling messages from all of your social media marketing platforms in advance. It allows you schedule posts for different platforms, wherein you can pick the day as well as time when you want your post to get shared. It further allows you to view all of your scheduled posts in a handy calendar format. Thus, scheduling your posts enables you to share more often and at the same time also helps in grabbing more eyeballs for your content.

4. Helps in locating new contacts for your business

HootSuite-hashtag-labeledOne of the best ways to build up your audience and increase your connect via social media is to observe and listen what people are talking about and then putting forth your business’s value to add up to that conversation. Hootsuite allows you to track and keep a watch on key phrases through the active use of Hootsuite streams. This enables you right from the comfort of your dashboard to even search Twitter to see what viewers are talking about in real time. Keep an eye for what people are discussing, suppose they are asking questions about something where your expertise can be of some use – jump in and help them out. There is a bright chance that these users could turn out to be your next follower or a customer.

5.  Collaboration with the team

Another great feature of Hootsuite is it invites others to tweet and post content with you. Hootsuite enables marketers to add up multiple members of your team to different accounts of your choice. This feature of Hootsuite allows marketers to see first-hand who is posting, who is responding and lastly who has scheduled tweets. This also provides you the control and the ability where you can edit posts and also assign tasks. This feature helps you in saving time as you do not have to waste time in figuring out what is going on.

These are few benefits that marketers enjoy with Hootsuite. This not only helps in saving time but also in channelizing your efforts in the right direction.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Hootsuite is the recent breakthrough tool which helps in managing our social media accounts efficiently. The interface is improving day by day and these add-on features will definitely help in efficient functioning.

    • 4 years ago

      Pratik Ahuja   /   Reply

      Hootsuite easily manages the accounts on different social media platforms and is specially beneficial for SMEs.

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