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Let Mailchimp Join Hands With ERP And CRM Systems To Earn More

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Thinking about launching an email campaign? Have you set aside all the agenda that you are going to meet and the returns that you are going to earn from it? If yes, then here is a help for you. There is o need to suffer in silence and vain when Mailchimp has come up in the market to lend its support in all the interesting endeavours a business wish to perform in order to succeed and earn rewards with spiral growth.

The businesses generally manage the mundane and a huge volume of data manually. This itself is great way to fail and wonder what went wrong and at which place. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are two important aspects of any business which must only be studied properly but also managed well so as to keep the business going in the right direction. ERP is actually a process through which all the important parts of a business are managed and integrated. The areas such as planning, human resources, finance, sales and inventory are all included in an ERP information system. CRM on the other hand includes the important data associated with the business relations.

Read on to find some very interesting insights into the same and how Mailchimp can take away the entire burden from you in no time without any huge monetary investment or a big change in the marketing strategy that you are following right now.

When you have decided to launch an email campaign, the first thing you worry about is the data management. Isn’t it? The email subscribers hail from various backgrounds and hence, it is quite difficult to manage all the data that gets accumulated. There is a jungle out there and the business persons find it really hard to manage an email campaign smoothly when there are subscribers through a promotional coupon, website or any other such source. Now let us understand how Mailchimp can be some help to us. When an email campaign is managed manually, the first task to be done is to know the products in line that are to be promoted using the ERP system and then integrating it with the data available in the CRM system. The person handling this job needs to align the various offers with the different set of email subscribers list (that are already been designed according to the business needs).

Here comes the role of an integration tool such as Mailchimp, the first advantage of the tool. With the help of this wonderful tool you can drag and drop solutions that transfer all the data into your business systems seamlessly. This means that the data such as subscription information for example is consistent and dynamically afloat between the systems at all times and without human intervention. This means no more email unsubscribtion and disappointment!

The second advantage of this tool lies in the fact that the data can be integrated meaningfully so as to generate well targeted emails for the potential customers out there. Mailchimp combines the ERP and CRM systems and uses the data to design an email for various email subscribers according to their buying patterns and the specific offers that they can relate to easily and take quick decisions. The cross and upsell opportunities are present and can be used according to their previous buying patterns according to the data while designing an email. This means that there is no longer a demand from the email campaign manager to generate content under strict deadlines which give shivers to them!

Mailchimp is a source of huge volume of valuable data that must be understood by the experts in order to earn higher returns. The data that is stored in this tool can be extracted anytime to generate a report that is not just easy to understand but provides a huge volume of meaningful insights into the trends of the industry in addition to the online interaction of the business with its potential customers. The bar graphs showing the opening and click through rates, geographical locations of the website visitors (through emails) or the email subscribers and the bouncing and subscriber activity can be combined with other business system data to create useful report for the sales and management team.

A question that frequently arises in the minds of email marketers who interact with the customers via a coupon or promotional offer displayed on a Billboard and give them an option to subscribe to the emails, how can it be managed? The answer to this question is to give the audience an option to subscribe or unsubscribe via mobile phone.

Hence, Mailchimp is something that is more than desirable and must be included in an email marketing campaign for sure in order to gain maximum returns from the same. There s no room for confusion when Mailcimp is here to help you out with all the data management and even email creation support. Do not think of running an email campaign without this useful data integration tool that has been designed considering the great level of difficulty that was faced by the businesses in doing the same with the help of an expert in the field. The limitations experienced by the email marketers to manage the data are all melted away by Mailchimp. Now there is no need to worry about the data that is lying under the different categories such as enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management. The whole process an be easily streamlined and made result oriented with nil confusion even for a novice. The work efficiency if heightened to a great extent and is adequately reflected in the results that appear not just at the end but on a day to day basis. There are many advantages of Mailchimp and the ones discussed above are not exhaustive.

Hope you enjoyed reading and found this blog to be of some help to you in steering the wheel in the right direction with minimum efforts on the part of not just the email marketer but the entire team.

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