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Leverage LinkedIn On 5 Important Aspects Optimally For More B2B Leads Generation

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LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, unlike Twitter or Facebook. Here, users create profiles highlighting their education, current and prior work experience. Users can upload resumes, connect with their colleagues and classmates which can help in advancing careers. LinkedIn is sometimes branded as “the place to find and be found”. The biggest benefit of LinkedIn is its capacity for career management. Users build networks with people from their industry, their areas of interest. Users when build networks by joining groups specific to their industry, get access to industry news, job requirements, trends in those industries, which ultimately helps in advancing in career. It may be termed as professional network with social overtones, but it is a valuable resource centre.

Talk to any psychologist and you come across to a very strange attribute of humans, that humans are biased. When a prospective employer goes through the LinkedIn profile of job seekers, he is likely to grant job to a person, who he has come across before either through social platforms or otherwise. Since we all are living in internet age, LinkedIn profiles make a lot of sense. Like any other social media platform, LinkedIn consumes users valuable time and only if its benefits are in excess to its costs (in terms of time), does its use makes sense. LinkedIn is mainly used during business hours and during weekdays which is in contrast to Twitter and Facebook which see more engagement during weekends and reasons seem quite clear, they serve different purposes and needs. LinkedIn users are typically college educated, middle-to-upper middle class persons. Popular industries represented are tech and medical field, common job functions of entrepreneur, sales and administration.

Here are 5 points aspects which if optimally leveraged can be of great help in B2B lead generation-

  1. Personal and Company Profile- A common fact of business is that it is nothing but exchange. Users need business and search for their prospective consumers and in turn are consumers of others business. LinkedIn can help both ways. Business should keep their business and personal profiles as updated and as informative as possible. An attempt should be there to be as honest about yourself, your business experience, where they hold edge, which are the new areas they are trying to cater, all should be as clearly specified. This will help their customers to find them, make informed decisions; and if they are interested, they shall have the requisite confidence to connect and contact them. On the other hand, when business create awareness about themselves, they are bound to be contacted for business wherein they are the customers. When business serve as customers, they can be sure of superior quality service.
  2. Recommendations- When businesses are searching for lead generation, recommendations can be of great help. When the sales person looks out the recommended individuals, his work becomes easier. It is trouble free for him to reach out to individual, make his sales pitch, explain his products and how they can have huge impact on his business and his task is done.
  3. Status Updates- It gives an insight into the company’s culture, current position and stage and digital marketers can decide when to make an entry and approach for business. It is also a source of latest industry trends. What can be next moves of the company, issues at hand, new industry workshops and seminars. Similarly, when a company regularly updates its status, it gives a positive indication of its activeness on the platform, people can expect quick response if they try and connect through the platform. New developments in terms of new technologies to be incorporated can be great update.
  4. Links- This can give digital marketers a deep insight into the business of its prospective clients. What clients are willing to learn and incorporate, what are their problem areas, who are their inspiration and motivation, what industry/trade associations they are part of, what are their short term and long term plans, can all be gathered through these links
  5. Q&A- It is a great way to clear the air about the company on many crucial areas. Their company policies, their methodologies, their culture and what not. It helps marketers to better understand the prospective client in detail.

The important point here is that we have access to chunks of data, every detail, little or large is available on internet, the only thing is are we ready to use it to its optimal levels. How creative can we be in our presentation to our prospective clients without disturbing them. We should have done a good amount of research before approaching the client, marketers are responsible to know what the prospective client deals in, what are his pain areas and how the product/service in question can add value to the client. Client should feel honored to have been contacted by the marketer rather than feeling cranky and dismissing the individual and remarking that it is nothing more than wastage of time. Means are available in plenty today, in contrast to previous times, and destination can be reached quite easily, what is required is creative application of the data. Basic human psychology is at play here. Attract and impress people with knowledge that is going to have a direct impact on the client.

LinkedIn is a method of gathering information about clients. The more effort marketers are willing to put to find out about the customers, the more they shall find. The more innovative processes they employ, the more original they are, are ultimately going to benefit in the long run. Living in information has its pros and cons, what we must realize is that the larger environment has changed, so does the rules of operating in it. Make the most of what is available and grow and develop.

I would like to conclude that the essence of B2B selling lies in the fact that you are able to convince your client that your product/service is definitely going to add value and help him achieve his goals.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      LinkedIn is a professional networking site and hence keeping it professional is very important. Many do not understand the significance of this networking site and end up using it inappropriately. These tips would definitely help businesses to break through these doubts and perform better.

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