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Leverage Pinterest Social Media Marketing Platform For Small Businesses

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pinterestLet’s talk about Pinterest tips and tricks for individual users. Need to improve your small business, then? Pinterest is world for every business, many different brand platforms for small brands are their marketing efforts and user base engagement needs? Can it improve customer reach and sales?

Basically it doesn’t differ much, but it does differ a little. After all a brand has a more diverse and engaging presence than an individual user. So in case you’re wondering what to do and what to avoid while roaming the Pinterest social waters, here’s some insight coming from my own experience.

The first step: Be Pin-friendly

Things to do for your small business 1) a website and 2) a blog. Furnish both of these with the famous small and red “Pin It” symbol. The technique is the same as adding a “Like it” or “Share” button for Facebook or “Tweet it” button for Twitter.

Why would you that?

It’s a very small tweak that doesn’t require any sophisticated process, but just download the “Pin It” widget for your blog. This will improve user interaction and engagement a lot. It’s actually common sense, but I still see many people not inserting social media icons. Or when they do, they focus only on Facebook or Twitter, they forget about Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Not to mention that it showcases which content of yours works best; so it’s actually a small engagement tool that gives you some analytics insight too.

The second step: You’re a brand. So brand your pins

Next is to increase a brand’s social media influence. You’re small business a.k.a. a brand, right? Well, every brand acts like one. Join the best club.

What I say is to do brand with wide interpretation. The easiest way to turn the attention is just slapping a logo on every pin of yours. I’m not saying about a full-size logo ruining the quality and appearance of your images. Have a look in a small slip in to distinguishable logo in any of the corners. Which I prefer is the top left corner. This way your image will look good and let people know that it’s related to your brand and why.

Normally small logo is one of the most effective, efficient and cheap way to increase your brand’s exposure. Even a few viral pins have the potential to reach thousands of Pinterest users for sure, while it’s clear that not all of them will care to look for more content by the brand mentioned on the logo. That’s just enough to get you going strong.

The third step: Include information. Lots of it

Do you know what differentiates Pinterest users from other social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

They think about shopping. And they think about it a lot. Pinterest is the best medium for small business and in order to cater to this shopping user mentality, you have to capture their attention with information.

But how? There are different ways, but the core concept in each of them is somewhat different, valuable to your customers and they provide them with something interesting and useful. Don’t spam them with senseless facts.

Info-graphics and other data showcases.

A bunch of interesting facts that bring value while being presented in a colorful and enchanting way. Info-graphics are the best way to do this, so consider putting up one. You can use tools like or Visual content is captivating. Your small business will benefit a lot from this captivating method of providing insight into your business, your industry or market niche, or another field that is matters to your customers. Product prices and deeper details differ.

This is easier to do than info-graphics and I’m sure you’ll count it as a common sense practice. Yet I have to remind you to do this in case you accidentally forget about it.

Include vital product related information starting with information on all your pins. Pinterest is all about shopping, if your pins have all the information that a to-be-customer needs, he or she will just make the purchase right away. There are a lot of people who will be turned off by the need to enter your website or click somewhere else to see the actual price of your product and other product features. Don’t risk losing customers this way.

The last step: You’re an entrepreneur. Let your customers know about this

If you run a small business and it flows smoothly, then you’re an entrepreneur. What entrepreneurs do well among all other things is to share experience. Brands are not a click and it’s done thing. They involve hard work, dedication, strong will, failure and success. They have their ups and downs and it’s very interesting to have a look at the inner sanctum of conducting business.

If you have been in the game long enough, you’ll surely have an e-book or a presentation lying around somewhere. Dig these up and pin them! Or, if you haven’t done already, write an e-book and make an industry-related presentation, give a try for webinar participation too.

Pinning any of these will show your customers you actually are a professional with experience and insight, this provide valuable information for them especially if you are good at storytelling and most importantly improve your brand engagement.

Note: Write up a FAQ for your small business. Which are defined boundaries to a FAQ, but mention the common practice to provide general questions that your customers might have and information about possible collaboration with you; A FAQ pin will further improve your communication with your customers.


Pinterest is a best way to increase your customer base and sales of your small business. But never forget to add or mention about Pinterest in any of your blog. All these four steps will improve your small business. A perfect thing you should do is to make a specific Pinterest board for your business and then offer a free chapter or better e-book. In case of webinars or presentation, you must provide a high quality video in YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing platform.

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