3 Great Examples of How to Use & Leverage Social Media Marketing

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We all know Social media marketing is today very widely used because it can’t be ignored. With more than 1.9 billion people on social media platforms globally, it is a huge resource to tap the captive audience. Let us understand why people use it. Primarily people need to connect to with friends and family. There are many other reasons but I want to emphasize on this one- “people need to share”. There is no better platform than social media to share your ideas, views and concerns to friends, family or the world at large in a cost effective way. Therefore, we can assume that social media platforms provide the basic latent need of human beings. That is being heard and recognized 24 x 7 without any censorship and boundaries. This is one of the main reasons of its popularity. Just like a mobile phone it establishes your individual identity.

Marketing on one or multiple large and ubiquitous social media platforms with their respective tools cannot suffice the objective? Why? Because people want to share their experiences and feelings of all the products and services they consume. So for example, if you buy a noodle and want to comment about it. You write on the feedback link of the brand. Will it be enough? Will your friends or family know about it? No? So you go on the social media platforms and write about it for all to know. Isn’t it true? Therefore I attempt here to give you 3 Great Examples of How to Use & Leverage Social Media Marketing. The beauty is both companies and its consumers can use it to their advantage.

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Example 1: How to Use & Leverage Social Media Marketing

In 2008 Kraft launched first mobile app called Kraft’s iFood Assistant app. This iphone app allowed consumers instant food and “plan your meal” ideas. People looking for recipes could use this app. The idea was to make life easier. People could find a perfect food idea for any occasion. Make prompt shopping list and find the nearest retailer who could supply the required ingredients, all from the app itself. The app had more than 7000 recipes with detailed instructions on how to cook with video demos. The users could review comments posted on the recipes and also share their views with others. The users could create their own custom shopping lists with nearby store recommendations and get it delivered at their doorstep and pay online. It also contained tips such as “Dinner Tonight” and “Recipe of the Day”. The app enables people to leverage its content and tools anytime and anywhere basis. With so much busy life in metros and time starved consumers. The app made information, food planning and meal preparation simple, instant, yummy and fun.

This is one of the best examples of how to monetize the social media platform by linking it to an app and offline stores.

Example 2: How to Use & Leverage Social Media Marketing

Mofilms, London in 2010 announced a worldwide online contest for participants to make ad films of various brands as per the brief given by the brands. I participated in the Coca Cola contest where brief came directly from Coca Cola Atlanta Headquarters. The level of involvement was Vice President Worldwide, Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence. Prize money was a meeting at Cannes Lions 2010, the mecca of advertising festivals. All expenses paid trip, $10000 first prize and a personal meeting with James Cameron, Director of film Avataar and the VP as described above. Now, I read a small article in Economic Times and participated. All interaction with MoFilms was online only including upload of the ad film. There were Facebook and Twitter handle for all updates.

See how I used Facebook to force the Coca Cola Company and MoFilms to rectify their grave mistake. They could only rectify one mistake . I believe because of time and logistics constraints  they allowed the modification and did not cancel the winning entry at this level.

See the initial winning entry below:

There are the following mistakes (copy of my Facebook post)

Sanjiv Choudhary 

Hi guys! Few observations about Coke bot. I want to know your reactions 2 it.
CAVEAT: I’m shortlisted, so my observations may be biased. And I also acknowledge that it is a very good story.
a) Coke I believe has a policy of not using or targeting kids in their commercials. If true, how it was selected.
b) The brief specifically asked for teen stories and not preteens. Isn’t it?
c) The creative difference between film maker & ad film maker is clearly shown here. In the end people are shown rejoicing without coke bottles in hand or on table. And the end tag seems forced rather than in sync with the story.
Do let me know your comments on the above. Saturday at 10:47am

After this post, there was protest by other participants also on the page from all over the world. So the Top guy from Mofilms replied:

Jeffrey Merrihue 

Sanjiv- I suppose the brand got swept away by the cool robot?

Sunday at 1:16pm

And they quietly modified the winning ad against the rules without informing anybody. Actually it should have been disqualified. See the modified ad below:

I was informed by one of the participants who checked the winning ad once again. His comment:

Anuraag Krishna June 22 at 11:12am

Hi Sanjiv! Your point did not go unnoticed. They have replaced the kid from the coke classic ad.

But I did not want to create an issue so I posted:

Sunday at 1:26pm

I sincerely thank from the bottom of my heart Coca cola, Mofilm and the winner of Coke Classic ad for recognizing my point and changing the kid to teenager.

I had 3 points in mind.

  • I love Coca cola too much and hence, did not want the company to make any mistake and give anybody a chance to criticize my beloved company.
  • I truly appreciate Mofilm team for creating such a wonderful platform which is futuristic and a genuine bridge between the creative people and the world famous brands. Their handling of this is truly remarkable and a proof that they are willing to listen to genuine issues.
  • I wanted to share and understand with the talented people on this forum my knowledge and their views, so that everybody learns.
  • Once their knowledge by sharing and discussing their point of view and become better film makers and creative’s.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

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Once again thank you all and congrats to the winner for such a nice ad.

If interested see my entry below:

See how consumers can participate and help companies in their marketing efforts by being co-creators of content on social media.

Example 3: How to Use & Leverage Social Media Marketing

In 1993 Michael Jackson was on a world tour sponsored by Pepsi. He had cancelled two concerts in a week in Thailand. Coke usually never replies to Pepsi’s provocation in media by counter ads for the brand Coca Cola. But this time they published a one-time ad in the Bangkok’s English language newspapers. It Read only the text in bold in the entire front page- “Dehydrated?” “There’s always Coke.”

Undoubtedly, it was a brilliant response to a situation, a prompt use of great creative idea, with maximum impact.

It was world news, but in those days it was restricted to Bangkok release. Imagine how big this opportunity would be when used today in social media and that too with minimal cost, maximum impact and engagement.

That is the power of Social Media Marketing.

Video: Mofilms

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