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Leverage Social Mention Tool For Better Social Media Marketing

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Social  mention is a free social media search and analysis tool which provides you the data from more than 100 social media properties in a real time. Social Mention tool can be used to locate mentions across the board regarding your brand, product, marketing campaign, services. You can also choose to search specifically for keywords defined in blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, comments, news, video.

Let’s look how Social Mention tool works:

Go to, you will see a search text box in which you can type in your search, your business name, your  personal name, your keyword or anything to do with your industry by which you can retrieve the information, just like search engine  does. What this tool do is, it searches for anything you want to find or you want to gather information on your Social media network across the globe in real time in the form of blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, images, videos, questions. It is a great tool and great way of searching content across your social media sites like twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest etc.

Social Mention Tool Home page

social mention homepage

Social Mention Metrics

What really amazing about this tool is that it calculates and gives you indicators about how individuals are connecting with you on social media sites. The metrics which it shows are Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach.

Social mention Metrics Explained:

  1. Strength : This metrics is based on a likelihood of how your brand is discussed in social media.
  2. Sentiment : This metrics describes the sentiments on the basis of the ratio of positive mentions over the negative mentions in social media.
  3. Passion : This metrics indicates how often a particular individual is talking about your brands. It will calculate passion rate on the basis of; for example if same author is writing about your brand then the passion rate will be higher compared to those mention written by different individuals.
  4. Reach : It is a measure of influence in the mention. It is the number of unique authors referencing your brand against the total no of mentions.

Social Mention Indicators

Social Mention tool also has indicators on the sidebar, it will show you the data about sentiments, top keywords, top users, hashtag and source.

Social Mention indicators defined:

  1. Sentiments – It indicates whether the sentiments are positive, neutral or negative. It display the number of mentions by sentiments, like it is positive, neutral or negative.
  2. Top Keywords – It will display how frequently top keywords used and how many times used in mention.
  3. Top Users – It reports who is talking about your brand, product or service the most. It will display the name of author who frequently mention.
  4. Hashtag – Hashtags are used to categorize of what the topic is all about, Frequency and no. of times hashtag used. It will display what hashtag is used in any social media
  5. Source – It will display what are the sources included in search and no. of times in result
Social mentionnn
The above image shows the metrics and indicators of  Digital Vidya mention on social media sites

Social Mention tool Alert

Other cool feature of this social mention tool is that it allows you to receive free daily alerts for your brand, company, marketing campaign through RSS feed, or you can also create an email alert or CSV file from Google Alert is also a similar free tool provided by Google, but the only difference between the two tool is that, Social Mention only tracks mentions regarding social media sites, and Google Alerts tracks mentions across all the sites on the world wide web.

Social mention keyword search

The highlighted part in the above image shows the alerts you can set for your social mention

Social Mention tool indicators download utility

Real time data to download  in csv format is also available , you can download top keywords, top users and top  sentiments data.

Social mention Download

The highlighted part in the above image shows the download options available for your social mention

Why you should Leverage Social Mention Tool for better social media marketing

The main benefit of using this tool is that you do not need to track the mention on each and every social media networks, it will give you the information of all the social media sites. Also you can find conversation happen in real time up to minute or so. this is like a gold mine for people looking to network to connect with people and are connected with the target market

Social Mention is one of the most prominent tools on the Internet for evaluating your brand’s talk about.

In Conclusion:

Social mention tool provides  you the  summarize  data for all your social media properties like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, photobucket, Google, Digg, it  monitors the data in real time, collects the data which you can measure and track of what people are saying about your company, new products or any topic  around the  world.

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