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Leverage Upon Social Media Marketing For Lead Generation

Leverage Upon Social Media Marketing For Lead Generation

What is a lead so as the Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the next big thing for any business once they have their setup ready.

What is a Lead?

“A Lead is nothing but any  potential customers who showed interest on your product/ service”

Lead generation covers up everything,

  • Starting from attracting the visitors to the landing page
  • Followed by nurturing the leads to make the sales
  • Converting them into repeated customers

Social media is not meant for branding and it makes a great work in generating leads. Every business search for sales qualified leads  to make a successful transaction with them. Lead generation aims for different business development activities like E-mail building and many others. Social Media offer us options to market the products on various social media platforms. Test and use your Marketing skills in all the media and get the instant results.

Lead Generation through social media

Things to note before starting out:

Social media is a smart way to generate leads and importantly sales qualified leads. Big companies  can shell out the huge sum and jump into a variety of ways to lead generation. Whereas SMB‘s can rely on social media for their lead generation as it serves as a cost effective way.

SMB for lead generation

Design the landing page in a compelling way to capture the leads directed from social media. There are many lead generation pop-ups and landing pages software available online to start your experiments. There should  also be a powerful Lead magnet in your landing page to get the customer information. To start out with the lead generation, we need to be clear on whom we going to sell our products/services. If they are happy customers with some other brand what compelling story you have to attract them and grab their swift interest.

Choose the Right media for your Business:

Because of the available information on social media, Targeting the correct users for your business is simple. However, the one tough factor is selecting the correct social media for your business. Rather than checking the number of users in that social media check whether or not your potential customers exists on it. If you can’t identify where your customers  are – It’s alright to start all the platforms in the initial phase. But in the later stage,one should focus on 2 to 3 responsive platforms to gain the advantage. Select the platform as per your business like LinkedIn works well for B2B.
Right platform for lead generation

E-commerce like food, fashion can make use of Instagram and Pinterest  to engage with customers and to acquire new leads. Don’t restrict yourself only with Facebook as the only option.If you don’t know who you’re selling to, it won’t be easy to appeal to them.

Text, video, Image-what to use?

One needs to be very smart in choosing the type of content they use for the lead generation. Always include a CTA in your post which contains the words like “Your, Now, Free, New, Limited time offer” to get the customers attention immediately. High-quality  images with highlighted CTA works well on all Social media. Videos are happening everywhere: It is the high time to upload a short video about your business on your business page. Make use of  the variety of tools online/Analytics available on the media to find the right type of content that works well for your business.

Engage with story

Comments and contests are the super cool ways to generate leads in any platform they are said to be the winning tactics in lead generation techniques.

Rules for designing a contest:

1.Run it for a short time.

2.It should be relevant as per the trends/new launch.

Comments make the way to create a better relationship with your customers.Educate your customers more about your products and give a strong statement why they need to buy from you in short content and make use of paid ads on any platform because it is very hard to crack the organic reach in the initial phase.

Keep track on each platform:

People use a variety of social media networks for different purposes. We need to watch out the benefits acquired from the variety of platforms. Keeping track on each platform also improves the marketing strategy used for the media. Don’t stick on random intervals  for your posts. Fixing up the timing and frequency of social media posts on your own is difficult.

How to overcome the difficulty?
  • Keep a note on  the well-performing post and the timings posted.
  • Try to know when your most of the customers are online.

From social media posts, we want to get leads who are really interested in our product/service and  also to gain a positive exposure for the brand. One should keep a note on the impact of your posts in social media. Reach in any media describes  – “How relevant is your content for your target audience”. So aim for maximum reach close that positive reach as sales. Maximize your sales by Re-targeting feature

Lead generation through social media  might looks simple, But finding the apporpiate content for your target audience in a short while is absolutely a firm task but it’s worth try!

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