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Leveraging content marketing to get more traffic

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Any business organization incorporates energy and resources in content marketing strategies in order to get traffic to their website, which can further help them to capture leads and grab sales. However, if you are unaware of the right usage of content, how can you expect to generate results?

Therefore, today in this post, we will discuss various strategies on the right usage of content in order to get the attention of all those important prospects.

Guest Posting

This is a kind of opportunity that is considered to be the quickest way to find a large audience. Smart guest posting simply means that you create the best content that you know how to be created, but instead of a handful of readers, you now get an opportunity to reach out to thousands of them.

The interesting part here is that you can send those thousands of readers back to your website, where you will have additional and related content to be shared with them.

How to videos

We all know that successful business are all based around solving their customer’s problems, which are usually targeted on a single aspect of ‘How To’

According to the kind of business that you deal in, all you need to do is understand some of the common problems of the audience and then create how-to tutorials. Further you can also launch these videos on your YouTube channel, but at the same time make sure that it is extremely easy for your users to find those Videos.

Moreover, there are many business that also include some well-known faces in these videos in order to increase their popularity. You need to differentiate yourself from your customers through interesting techniques, values and content.

Q & A series

As mentioned earlier, your customers are loaded with millions of questions and would love to receive advice from industry experts.

Therefore, webinars is another way through which you can help your customers with their queries. Conducting weekly or monthly webinars with industry experts can be a useful way to increase traffic for your website.

You can easily promote them by applying all the social media techniques and get good number of registrations for the session. Moreover, since you would also be inviting an industry expert to lead the session, you can also ask him/her to promote the webinar within their networks, which will further assist you in getting some unique traffic to your website.

Another opportunity that you can give your audience here is that you can ask them to post their questions on any of your social network page, which will be answered by the expert during the session. Further you can develop strategies that can help you in getting more traffic.

Search for offline traffic

It has been seen that many online marketers ignore the possibility of getting traffic from the offline world. If you are B2B firm, you can look for trade journals and business newspapers where you can post your blogs. Depending upon the kind of business, direct mail can be a good way to find new leads.

Once you find your readers, you can entice them towards your website where they can find ample of content such as white-papers, tutorial videos and much more.

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    • 6 years ago

      Video Producer Guy   /   Reply

      How-to videos are a great way to enhance your website or blog!!! I can’t stress that enough! Videos are the best content you can offer your viewers!

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