Light Bulbs Etc, Inc. Leveraged Search Engine Marketing To Reduce Cost Per Conversion By 50%

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lbe_logo2_smlAbout Light Bulbs Etc, Inc.

Light Bulbs Etc, Inc. is a industry leader in wholesale commercial and residential lighting products in the US. They have a product range of 4000 different varieties of lights.


Light Bulbs Etc, Inc’s Business Objectives

  • To increase online sales  along with reduced cost per conversion, to finally improve ROI ( return on Investment).

Strategy Adopted By Light Bulbs Etc.,Inc

The inhouse team Light Bulbs Etc., Inc had worked for 2 years on Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing techniques, but had failed to reduce the cost per conversion. Rather their sales were also not increasing.

Light Bulbs etc. Inc,  decided to take services from a Chicago based company called Jumpfly, Inc, a PPC (Pay Per Click) management company, specializing in this business right from the year 1997.

To their surprise, within 1 month of Jumpfly’s engagement,

  • Online sales of Light Bulbs increased by more than 100%
  • Reduction in the average cost per conversion was by 50%.

Jumpfly Inc. gave special emphasis to:

  • Adgroups
  • Landing Pages
  • Keyword Bidding
  • Ad Copy Testing
  • Content Match

As Jumpfly helped  increase the revenues for the company, the management at Light Bulbs increased the advertising budget on PPC  by more that 300%, to increase their sales further.

With the increase in the advertising budget and seeing their success on the campaigns of Google Ad words and the Yahoo Search Marketing accounts, Jumpfly  introduced Microsoft  Adcenter campaigns to maximize sales through all the three search engines because of which sales increased by another 20% with Microsoft account.

Results Achieved By the Light Bulbs Etc., Inc.

The  company, Jumpfly Inc helped Light Bulbs Etc., Inc. in achieving the following :

  • Online sales increased from 100 orders per month to more than 1000 orders per month.
  • An increase of 900% in absolute orders per month.
  • Reduction in average cost per conversion by 50%.
  • Overall increase in Return on Investment, with sales increase on one hand and cost reduction on the other hand.


If the in house team is not able to achieve the business objectives of the company, do not hesitate to take help of specialized companies like Jumpfly, Inc. in PPC management. The increase in revenues in the long run, would more than offset the costs incurred on such outsourcing.

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