Leveraged Web (Google) Analytics To Gain 11% Hike In Conversion Rate

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ligneAbout Ligne-en-ligne:

Since 2007, Ligne-en-ligne is the France’s leading diet & well-being website. It caters to people through fitness program and highly interactive diet session. A team of nutritionists also guide their members to achieve unique goals. It has also developed a new method which is called as “Chocolate method” and is a successful new diet approach which fits the customer eating experience. It already  reached 8,00,000 free member subscription with many thousand premium members. It caters to people through fitness program and highly interactive diet session. A team of nutritionists also guides their members to achieve unique goals as all this is achieved with lots of hard work and major contribution of marketing strategy.

Ligne-en-ligne’s Business Objectives:

Ligne-en-ligne was actively using affiliate marketing for a key growth drivers and effective advertising. But they had no idea that how long this will help them to fetch revenue. Thus, their business objectives were:

  • To understand the customer behaviour coming from affiliates.
  • To predict premium consumer behaviour and react according to that.
  • To optimize & diversify all its digital marketing related budget accordingly.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By Ligne-en-ligne: 

To simplify further Google analytics team called as Keley worked closely with Ligne-en-ligne and separated various conversion paths as per the acquisition channel and started using GA’s multi-channel funnel because of which personalized conversion segments got created in order to identify that which channel is most important. They also decided to split welcome offers from others higher value offers with the help of Model Comparison Tool. They were able to measure every channel’s influence of its schemes on direct conversion rates. Some of the other decisions carried out were as follows:

  • To differentiate between behavior of affiliate consumers to that of other, they made use of advanced segments.
  • Use of Model Comparison Tool to measure long-run efficiency.
  • Use of “top conversion paths” tool to maximize channel efficiency.


The success was not far after applying and implementing so much of web analytics.

  • They finally got an idea of affiliation and how to finalize its budget for all of its marketing activity.
  • More and more valuable customer fetching through SEO & referrals kind of options.
  • 20% increase in turnover by increasing 11% of conversion rate.


Keeping above results in place, the Ligne-en-Ligne team started to plan a new growth strategy. They started working on SEO, launched action plan indicating radio campaign on popular stations. They also started working on new SEM campaign strategy. Thought affiliate marketing was perceiving lots of new prospects, but they also worked hard to enhance the ergonomic experience of the home website’s mostly viewed pages. This was basically, to make sure that visitors coming through this channel should be efficiently caught. Because of the success of first year’s result i.e. 11% in conversion rate with 20% increase in turnover, they finally decided to raise a bar by launching a TV campaign for event related to well-being and happy consumers.

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