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LinkedIn announces “LinkedIn Intro” – an app to integrate with iPhone mail

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With almost a year’s effort, LinkedIn has finally announced the launch of LinkedIn Intro, an app that helps you to integrate with your iPhone mail.

Looking at the growth of mobile email with maximum people reading emails on their mobile device, LinkedIn thought to mix the power of technology and their brains to create an Apple mail app on your iPhone.

This new app integrates with the Apple iOS native mail application in order to provide integrated details about the contact that you are conversing with. In short, this app works by reconfiguring your email to proxy through LinkedIn servers so that as your email passes through they can inject a fancy banner at the top, which makes it look like that it has been integrated with the application natively.

With this app you can easily check the profiles of the people and know more about their location and profession. Moreover, since this is a rich, application-like experience you can also see a summary of an individual with your strongest mutual connections. This app gives you everything that you need to put faces to names, establish rapport, write the most effective emails and finally be brilliant with people.

Announced somewhere in the mid of the week, ‘LinkedIn Intro’ is available in English for members worldwide.

However, at the same time this app also bring along a host of security and privacy issues. To know more about these security concerns, keep a track on our upcoming blogs.


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