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Linkedin Introduces Robust Analytics For Content Marketers

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Analytics on linkedinLinkedIn is the platform where professionals spread their voice through content marketing. Whether it is a small business, entrepreneurs or industries, people from various groups share contents which is served to more than 360 million profiles basis on their expertise in that area. Once you have published your content in LinkedIn, shared your expertise knowledge and, discussed topics with other like-minded professionals, next step is to know what has happened with your content? How will you know who is listening to you, what you have to say? How are you reaching them?  How they are reacting?. To answer these questions to the marketers LinkedIn introduce Robust Analytics for their published content.

Till now LinkedIn content analytics were limited to the marketing score and some information on trending content but now new analytics provides lots more information to the content marketers. Let’s look from this post of what all features are included in LinkedIn Robust Analytics

Highlights of what all type of information analytics provide for your publish content:

  1. You can view the data only for up to 6 months
  2. It contains overall performance summary of your published content which includes the number of Views, Shares, Comments, and Likes
  3. Demographic data like Industry, Job Titles, and Location and traffic sources.

To understand better we will look at some of the screen shots for Analytics data, which will help to gain better insights –

  1. In the below image it is one of the published post, At the top level of the analytics data you get the broad view like, how many views were there in your post in last 30 days, and how many likes, comments, shares and replies the particular post got.

From the image no 1. We can see that we get to know broad level statistics of your post, now further we can get more detailed statistics which we can see in below image no.2.

2. You can then further drill down this information in the graph form, you will get to know the actual viewing figure at a specific no. of days of your post.


3. You can also view a demographic details of your readers, which provides details in-depth vision of your post like what category of audience is looking at your post. It shows the data of 4 categories like Top 4 industries, Top 4 Job Titles, Top 4 Locations and Top 4 Traffic sources.


The demographic detail is awesome as from this source we can identify key areas of our potential customers like viewers from which industry, which job type and which locations shown interest and what is their source, like in this case we can conclude that we got more viewers from marketing and advertising industry, job type is publisher and location is Edinburgh, United kingdom, Also we can conclude that the majority of traffic source was from Google.

4. In the last image, Demographic detail is providing a fascinating details of exactly who has commented on a specific post and also can view their profile and send a message directly through the Analytics screen. But keep in mind that you can only view the details of on-line users that are logged in.


How is Robust Analytical details  helpful to Marketers and Publishers.

  1. With all of these types of metrics which we have seen that the LinkedIn analytics provide, publishers and marketers will be easily able to define their target audience. Based on this they can easily measure the trends of their content, observe different patterns of how well it works among the LinkedIn users and on the basis of this can further take necessary actionable steps.
  2. It becomes very easy to identify that how they can attract their potential customers and how to target them, as they have full insights of their post like from which location, industry, job and source they are getting their majority of audience and then can prepare a marketing plan to target them.
  3. Marketers will also come to know who have shared, comment and like their content and on the basis of that they can easily thank them.
  4. With the help of Analytics marketers will also be able to aim their content much more effective and will also provide even more understanding to design their campaigns of success.


Now a days when we have so huge audience from different verticals , it is very important to keep a watch of current patterns, Define the measures to attract as well as to engage the  potential audience from a lot , all this can be done if you have an Robust Analytical tool, hence it is  very important tool to evaluate how well is their content doing , it can help in taking  necessary steps for the branding. In short Analytics provides complete vision of who is reading and engaging with your posts. You are able to then further evaluate whether you are reaching to the right audience. In a true sense LinkedIn Analytics tool can be prove to be Robust Analytics for publishing on LinkedIn and can definitely offer unique and helpful insights to content marketers.

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