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LinkedIn introduces Showcase Pages

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Last week LinkedIn announced a new feature for the content marketers – Showcase Pages. These are basically dedicated content hubs that allows businesses to extend their company page presence by segmenting the audience and enabling businesses to deliver the best message to the right set of audience.

Although millions of businesses are making use of the LinkedIn Company Pages to highlight their products, however the only existing problem with these pages is as companies deal in a variety of products, customers might be interested in only a few of them. Therefore, Showcase Page gives businesses an opportunity to update streams that can be individually followed by the users.

Another advantage of LinkedIn Showcase Pages is that they are dedicated to highlight different aspects of a business and further enables to strengthen relationships with the right set of community. All you need to do is just click the follow button and you will start receiving updates in your feed. Moreover, being a company administrator, you might be well aware of the areas your business needs to be showcased. This will allow you to easily create a page through the edit menu. Once your Showcase page is created, you can start sharing content from your page.

Companies like Adobe, Microsoft and Cisco have already started to take advantage of Showcase Pages and it would be not very long when they will be available to users worldwide. LinkedIn will be rolling out this new product for its users in the next few days globally.

This new feature will allow content marketers to create an asset for their company especially the brands.

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