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LinkedIn’s Data Aggregation Reveals Top 25 Job Skills Of 2014

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LinkedIn, which is the renowned interface for recruiters and candidates has witnessed a membership of close to 330 million members. It will not be incorrect to state that 2014 was a busy year for both recruiters as well as candidates because hiring was at its peak even when recession was knocking the door.LinkedIn-lenovo

Recruiters correctly caught the nerve of the prospective candidates. Recruiters have rigorously searched for the following top skills this year that kept them engrossed in the lookout for the best suitable candidates thus keeping the pace of being hired.

The 25 Hottest Professional Skills Of 2014  
  1. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
  2. Middleware and Integration Software
  3. Storage Systems and Management
  4. Network and Information Security
  5. SEO/SEM Marketing
  6. Business Intelligence
  7. Mobile Development
  8. Web Architecture and Development Framework
  9. Algorithm Design
  10. Perl/Python/Ruby
  11. Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
  12. Marketing Campaign Management
  13. Mac, Linux and Unix Systems
  14. User Interface Design
  15. Recruiting
  16. Digital and Online Marketing
  17. Computer Graphics and Animation
  18. Economics
  19. Java Development
  20. Channel Marketing
  21. SAP ERP Systems
  22. Integrated Circuit (IC) Design
  23. Shell Scripting Languages
  24. Game Development
  25. Virtualization

After thorough analysis of the data comprising of LinkedIn’s 330 million members profile, it was figured out that ‘Statistical Analysis and Data Mining’ has been ranked as the much in demand skill in 2014. Moreover, based on the big trends and with the advent of several new technologies in the year 2014, it did not come as a surprise that ‘Statistical Analysis and Data Mining’ has emerged out to be the global winner.

The USP of the technologies such as put forward by Apple’s splashy HomeKit announcement, acquisitions by Samsung and Google, wearable devices for data tracking etc. have continued to evolve. This captured the interest of the users aptly. The major focus was to not only monitor TV viewing but also to monitor online television viewing.

Aggregation of such a high volume of data is not a cake walk which is the sole reason, ‘Statistical Analysis and Data Mining’ skills tops the list of the hottest job skills in the year 2014, contrary to the top most professional skill in demand –‘ Social Media Marketing’,  in 2013.

Another striking change witnessed in LinkedIn’s desirable list of professional skills that the recruiters were on the lookout for in 2014 was that last year’s winner does not even appear in the top 25 hottest jobs skills. Besides this, for developers’ community, it is worth mentioning that even though people possessing programming skills are in demand but the demand for coding languages viz. Perl, Python and Ruby has toppled from #4 to #10.

LinkedIn’s data aggregation analysis report from 330 million members’ profile has revealed the following  trends:

  • Global demand of recruiters persists: Talent acquisitionists have been in high demand which is indicated through results that state recruiting was amongst the top 20 list across the globe. Not only this, Brazil has been listed as the 2nd hottest job skill possessing country.
  • STEM specialists were the focal point of recruiters: It was clearly evident that STEM that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math professionals dominated employers’ hiring priorities. This trend purely hints at the fact that these skills will be in high demand in the upcoming year as well.
  • Marketing is back in the race: Marketing is back in the list of popular professions. Interestingly, in the year 2014, not only SEO and SEM specialists but also campaign managers and digital marketers ranked high in demand. This implies that companies are focusing on performance improvisation through digital innovation techniques.

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