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Many marketers struggle to find time for keeping up with the industry trends and to read content from the best industry experts. These marketing professional don’t understand that they can easily access the latest marketing news and can even join in on interesting marketing conversations i.e. through Linkedln.

To get a quick look on the kinds of marketing groups and comfortable communities within marketing, like social media and blogging, below listed are some linkedln groups that he marketers can join.


  • Sales best practice

It was created on 1st October, 2007 and it is a professional types of group. It has 155,636 members and it is owned by Laurent.

If the marketer has an interest in sales and have very little time to increase knowledge further about this field, it will be wise to join this group. It is the best place to scan the most popular discussions and have a quick look on best practices of sales.


  • Digital marketing

It was created on 3rd March, 2008 and it is a networking type of group. It has 427,420 members and the owner of this group is John Horsley.

It is one of the largest group in linkedln and it is full of inspiration, fascinating discussions. It gives detailed tips for improving online marketing, including SEO, mobile, email and lot more.


  • Social media marketing

This group was created on 6th march, 2008 and it has 734,068 members. It is a professional type of group and it is owned by Michael Crosson.

It is a large community moderated and led by excellent group of managers. This group is ideal for those who crave for new insights on social media. The group members will receive weekly updates in their inbox with great resources and webinar as well as lively discussions from the general social media community.


  • Search engine land

It was created on 29th January, 2008 and owned by Danny Sullivan. It has 52,077 members and it is a networking type of group.

Group members can learn everything from penalty fixes to the latest practices. Just by quickly scanning this group one can find ways to better the search engine.


  • Content strategy

It was created on 1st April, 2009 and it is a professional type of group. It contains 14, 611 members and owned by Hilary Marsh.

This group helps the users to think more strategically about every blog post, eBook, or webinar produced which can come very much handy when trying to strengthen lead generation.


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