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LinkedIn is a social networking website for professional work. It was found in December 2002 and launched on 5th May, 2003. LinkedIn I available in 20 languages. It is basically used for professional purposes. Till June 2013 linkedln has acquired 259 million users from more than 200 countries.

LinkedIn inbox is one of the important part for making business conversations on LinkedIn every day. It is a place where new business connections are developed for new business opportunities and awareness.

Lately new and freshly designed look of inbox has been built. It is easier to navigate the inbox which makes building professional relationship on Linkedln manageable. As the users explore their ne inbox they can see:

  • The inbox has now got a cleaner and more centralized design with large pictures making it easy for users to follow and manage their professional conversations.
  • When users are browsing through their inbox they can preview of each of their messages, scan them and can prioritize which one to open first and read.
  • Now users can find streamlined navigation on the left side of the inbox and within each message which helps users to quickly navigate between their messages.

The new change to Linkedln inbox has thus made delivery of powerful messages easy. Here are some tips to write effective Linkedln messages from Nicole Williams, a linkedln career expert:

  • Word limit of messages should be 100 or less
    Messages should be written briefly, to the point so that the recipient understands the purpose of message and how can they help each other. Short messages are also easy to read on mobile.
  • Common connections should be mentioned
    By doing so the user breaks down the social formality and stiffness with the recipient and a relationship can be established.
  • Should be well prepared
    Before sending any message, user’s profile should be well made and completely filled. this leaves an impression on the recipient that the user is worthy of being part of their network.




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