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List Of 9 Best WordPress Plugins

List Of 9 Best WordPress Plugins

There are nearly 44,000 different plugins for WordPress that you can install.

WordPress can help you with the content management system in the best possible way. More than 80 percent of B2B marketers rely on a content marketing strategy and this makes it important to have the most effective content marketing techniques.

If you are not following ‘quality over quantity’ strategy, then it is important to look at your content marketing strategy. By the end of this post, you will be able to create superior content with the help of various WordPress plugins which will probably change the way you write words.Source:

Best WordPress Plugins for 2017

Not that you should use each and every plugin, however, it is good to have options in order to improve your current approach. So, let’s get started.

1. Word Stats

“A suite of word counters, keyword counters and readability analysis for your blog.”

This tool can help you with gaining access to various tools to improve the quality of the content. One of the most interesting features is the reports page which helps you to analyze content for a particular author. You get the following information:

  • Top 20 Keywords.
  • Word Count.
  • A graph showing monthly word count per post type.
  • Post types that are broken down by percentage and number.

Another feature is a diagnostic table which helps to link to the posts that need you to pay attention to. Posts that are too difficult and too short for readers to understand or include excessive keywords are included in here.

With Word Stats plugin, you can create higher quality content which can help you improve your content!

2. PrePost SEO

“WordPress SEO plugin: Check Plagiarism / Duplicate Content, Broken Links, Keyword density, content, meta tags, images optimization, etc.”

If you are worried about duplicate content and keyword density, then PrePost SEO is something you should try.

It includes features like

  • Post title optimization
  • Analyze meta tags
  • Link Counter
  • Calculate Keyword Density
  • Pinpoint any broken links in your text
  • Suggestions on how to improve your content

With PrePost SEO plugin, you can do these things. You can rely on this tool for content, SEO, optimization, and whatever you can think of. Before you publish, you can go to this tool.

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Note: You can improve as a writer if you are using this plugin. With time, you can learn about what you content should entail and what you should avoid.

3. Editorial Calendar

“The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all of your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog.”

While creating content, it is natural to overlook the importance of scheduling, management and importance of organization. Well, if you look at an overall thing, every step is as important as your writing.

With Editorial Calendar plugin, you can better manage your content that ensures you are always pushing out fresh content on a schedule that works for you as well as your audience.

Here are some of the top features:

  • Tools that manage posts from various authors.
  • View all your posts including when they are scheduled to be published.
  • Easy access to the status of each post.
  • Drag and drop capabilities.

Installing this plugin will help you with managing and organizing your blog. Creating killer content that makes sure it is shared with your audience at the right time is the task of this plugin.

4. WP Keyword Suggest

“This SEO plugin offers keyword suggestions, taken from autocomplete google, yahoo, bing… up to 250 keywords ideas.”

This is one of the easiest-to-use plugins on the list that helps you add the best keywords to your content. You don’t have to worry about finding the best keyword ideas for your upcoming post as it pulls information from Bing, Google, and Yahoo efficiently.

For instance, if you want to write a blog around ‘keyword research’. You know the primary keyword but there are others that you can add to strengthen your content and thereby improve the chance of generating long-tail search traffic.

There is a long list of suggestions related to your primary keyword. There are some that will work and others won’t make sense for the content type you are working upon.

5. Easy Content Templates

“This plugin lets you define content templates to quickly and easily create new posts or pages.”

This is one of the plugins that would decide the complete outlook and view of your blogs. No doubt you would like your piece of content to be different from any other , hence this tool will help you display your content in a unique manner.

With the help of this Easy Content Templates plugin, it is not only easy to create, define and modify the content templates but also they can be kept private or shared with the authors. This provides the best way to display the contents uniquely.

For instance, you may have a template for basic blog posts and another one for contest based posts. Also, you can have a separate one especially to add list posts to your blog.

Isn’t it really nice to give your blog a makeover?

6. Search Everything

“Search Everything increases WordPress’ default search functionality in three easy steps.”

How difficult is it to remember all the posts that were published in the past when your blog keeps getting bigger and bigger? Well, it can be really a headache to be able to provide required information and advice to the audience.

The Search Everything plugin comes to the rescue in such case. Just as you create a fresh content, it enables you to find everything you are looking for in a similar manner.

Not only this, “Research Everything” feature is a new add-on to the plugin. What it actually does is that it allows you to search for your previous posts and link them while writing.

Here is an example: you are creating a guide on SEO tools and are interested in linking to past posts on this subject matter. Rather than manual search for linking opportunities, this feature does the work for you.

It is one of those plugins that is helpful in saving time while living up to the quality expectations of the audience when you add more posts.

Getting started is as simple as activating the plugin, configuring the options and running a search.

7. Add Link To Facebook

“Automatically add links to published posts to your Facebook pages, groups, etc.”

What is the use of writing a content if it does not reach its targeted audience? There is no point in having an extraordinary blog if it is not shared and circulated in the right manner. Hence, the Add Link to facebook plugin let the world know about your content.

Further, it will also assist you to analyze what kind of content reach the maximum crowd. That is, it will be easy to know what kind of content to be developed in the future.

It is easy to start. You just need to share the content via the plugin between your blog and facebook as soon as you are up and running.

While manual sharing of the posts in generally preferred on facebook, but this plugin can be really a helping hand in providing automated assistance whenever you  want a quick share of your content over facebook.

After all, the real success of a blog lies in reaching the maximum audience.

8. SEO Internal Links

“SEO Internal Links provides automatic SEO internal links for your site, keyword lists, nofollow and much more.”

A content of the blog becomes really catchy and effective if it is backed up by suitable supportive facts. This is a well-known strategy among content writers and they know it is equally important as writing unique and high-quality contents.

The main idea behind SEO Internal Link plugin is to aid you in providing internal links to other pieces of content to support your post automatically.

This adds weight to your content and is a big time saver. You can customize the plugin according to your needs and desires so that you can increase the audience’s reading experience without having to concern yourself with the difficulties associated with it.

A few other features you need to know about this plugin include:

  • Set up your own keywords and URLs.
  • Streamlined administration panel for ease of use.
  • Create a custom keywords list.

A blog thrives on its content’s quality and uniqueness. But it cannot be said to be comprehensive if it lacks internal support for its content. Hence, it becomes a key plugin for your posts.

9. Zedity

“Create posts and pages 100% visually, very easily, with professional results but no coding skills required!”

Design or layout of a blog is something that content writers avoid to lay a hand on. The primary reason being the lack of knowledge of coding. This is where this plugin comes into play.

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This plugin is as creative as its name and is one of the best plugin available for designing your blog layout on your own. Page Layout and design can be configured according to your own inclination.

This is how the interface work :

You go to the editor setting and find a variety of design elements available to choose from. You can add them by drag and drop method and customize them till they do justice to your creative content.

The best part is that you did not touch a single line of code during the whole designing phase. How convenient, isn’t it?wp plugins

Given is the list of best WordPress plugins for 2017. Which one are you thinking to use?

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