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List Of Top 10 Most Successful Companies

List Of Top 10 Most Successful Companies

Have you ever wondered which are the  most successful companies. Let us begin the countdown for the List Of Top 10 Most Successful Companies.

No. 10 Facebookfacebook-logoFacebook is the social networking service. Facebook headquarters is located at Melno Park, California. The main founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg and the cofounders are Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz ,Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes. The net worth of Facebook is 53 billion dollar.


To our surprise the second youngest billionaire is Mark Zuckerberg ,after the Petter 28 years old, the only person younger than him guess what he is only 8 days younger. Facebook was first known as which allowed students to select which is the best looking  female  according to them, who is hotter and you click on one and they have like rating, Facemesh site was for the fun, eventually Mark Zuckerberg turn that idea into “The Facebook”. It was initially the part of the favourite first president Shean Parker who want to drop up “The” word in the website name.


 Facebook Headquarters Main Entrance


No. 9 Pfizer – Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company which develops and produces vaccines and medicines. Pfizer headquarters is located Groton, New York city. Pfizer Net worth is of 67.4 billion dollar. Pfizer is a joint venture between two German American cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart.

300px-Pfizer_world_HQ_jehPfizer Headquarters

In Williamsburg the cousins launched as a manufacturer of fine chemicals. The path which they adopted was a research based pharmaceutical company. It was not until 1849 they became a company. They have over 70,000 employees.

microsoft logo
No.8 Microsoft
– Microsoft develops and manufactures licence computer software for personal computers. They are best known for their greatest product called Microsoft Office. Microsoft headquarters is at Redmond Microsoft net worth is 69.96 billion dollar company.


Microsoft Headquarters

It was founded in the year 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Many few of us have heard about Paul Allen. Do you wonder why you have not heard, the reason is Bill Gates is really good at being in the forefront of the company and being the face. Bill Gates is now being called the world’s richest man here in America. He has $76 Billion dollar he has more money than Microsoft is worth, while Paul Allen the cofounder is worth 17 billion dollar. Microsoft is known for publishing new products. The company created well known ” Internet Explorer”. The buzz was created in the market by its popular product  “ Xbox”, then  they went on in making  the Main Tablets too. Microsoft has manpower of 118,584 employees.

150px-Intel-logo.svgNo. 7 Intel – Intel manufactures and markets chipsets, flash memory, integrated circuits motherboards, CPUs and offers the infrastructures for hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to IBM technology . Intel headquarters is located at Santa Clara, California, US. Intel was founded by Gordon Moore, Robert Noycee, Andrew Grove.

Intel HQ

Intel Headquarters

The company was founded on July 18,1968. Making them a really old company Intel was founded by. In the year 2012 they are ranked America’s biggest company. They have the manpower of over 40035000 employees worldwide in 170 different countries.

100px-AT&T_logo.svgNo.6 AT&T – AT&T is the second largest provider of mobile and the largest provider of fixed Telephone. The Headquarters for AT&T is at Texas. AT&T Networth is of $126.7 Billion Dollar. It was founded back in 1983 and used to be call Southwestern bell corporation or SPCA for short.


AT&T Headquarters

Right now they have over 120 million customers. They have 43000 employees. The CEO for AT&T is Randall L Stephenson, he makes a salary of 1.6 million dollars a year. He makes another 3.7 million dollars in bonuses and 20.6$ in other miscellaneous, he is making a total 26 million dollars a year.

berikshiereNo.5 Berkshire Hathway – Berikshire was previously dealing with the Textile manufacturing company. It was established in 1839 by Oliver Chance and was named as Valley Falls company in Valley Falls, Rhode Island. Valley Falls then merged with the Berikshire company. Berikshire now deals with Diversified investments, property and casualty insurance.


Beriskhire Hathway Headquarters

Berikshire Hathway headquarters is located in  Omaha, Nebraska, US. Berkshire  company networth is 143 billion dollars. The company was invested by warren Buffet who is now the company’s chairman, CEO and President. For an hour 73 Billion dollars making  Warren Buffet as the third richest person in the world behind the Gates and Carl Flint. Berikshire Hathway has the employee base of 316,000 persons.Berkshire Hathwway now wholly owns the companies like Fruit of the Loom, Dairy Queen ,Helzburg diamond, Geico , it has also invested in the major companies like American Express, Coca Cola, DirectTV, IBM, Tesco, Walmart, and many more companies.

General elNo.4 General Electric (GE) – GE initially started with Electrics. In the year 1892 the company was owned by the four founders, the most famous line you have probably heard of Thomas Edision, Charles A. Coffin, Elihu Thomson, Edwin Houston  all from electric field.

GE HEADquarters

GE Headquarters

GE headquarters is located at Schenectady, New York. GE net worth of 147 Billion dollar . General Electric’s now deals with Aircraft engines, Electrical distribution, Lighting,  Electric motors, finance, Energy, Gas, Healthcare, ,Weapons , Wind turbines , Locomotives, Oil, Software, Water. When you add up all those things you can imagine the strength in terms of it’s revenue. The company currently has over 307,000 people working  and it has is subsidiaries companies

Toyota logoNo.3 Toyota – Toyota is the automotive manufacturer company. Toyota is the Japanese company. Toyota headquarters is at Aichi, Japan. It was founded in the year 1937 by Kicchiro Toyoda. The company net worth is 236 billion dollar.


Toyota Headquarters

This is the only company to have trillion of the dollars in the revenue. They have made twelve trillion equity. If they close shop today they would have money for decades to come and their money will probably make money and then have grandparents or grandchild. They are the biggest automotive manufacturer and the first company who have manufacture around 10 millions vehicle per year. They have nearly 33,8875 employees and that number is rapidly growing.

walmartNo.2 Walmart – Walmart is the chain of discount supermarket.Walmart is headquartered at Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S. Walmart was founded by Sam Walton.


Walmart Home office

Their net worth is 446 billion dollar. It the youngest company in the list and you won’t believe that it was founded in the year 1994. Originally Walmart was a discount store that try to compete with Zellers but now the Zellers is over by target which does not make any competition with Walmart. It was first Woolco and that company was founded back in 1962. Woolco was bought out by Walmart and they converted all the signs and banner to Walmart. At the time the old company had about 122 location with the little time went by things exploded, blew up and a Walmart is everywhere. They went on to become one of the fastest growing companies in the history.

Apple logoNo.1 Apple – Apple develops and sell computers, mobile, laptop, it’s major products are Mac, Iphone, Ipod, Apple watch, It also provides online services as iCloud, iTunes, iBooks, App store. Apple headquarters is located at Cupertino, California. Apple Net worth 700 billion Dollar.


 Apple Headquaters

It was founded in in the year 1976 in a garage by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple early have 437 stores in 15 countries. The current CEO right now is Tim Cook. Steve Jobs  passed away in the year 2011 but the company still lives on and it is growing. They actually are pace to be worth the first company ever one trillion dollars. Company has  manpower of over 60,00 emplyoees with another 3000 people who are part-time.

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