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List Of Top 15 Tools That Help You Spy On Your Competitors

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In order to be successful it is very important to keep a track of your competitors. Unless you know how well prepared and upgraded your competitors are, you won’t be able to see thorough the real scenario of your stand in the competition.

Same is true about the reputation of your business in the competitive marketplace. If you want to design a strategy for the growth of your business you must have to compare the performances of your competitors. One must always have to keep themselves updated about the new trends in their industry and what all new ideas being implemented by your competitors. This help you design a well-planned strategy to counter your competitors leading to your success.

This can only be achieved by you only if you can understand the importance of getting found online in today’s fast growing digital world. To make yourself visible you need to use tools which can track your record and performance in digital world and analysis them to work out a plan using it. Best part is this tools can even track your competitor and tell you about their success strategy, this will help you keep ahead of them.

Down below there are 15 such tools along with their use, which will help you to sneak into your competitors and help you keep a track of them. So, use them and make a plan for your business to keep up its reputation in the business world.

Spy on your competitors by Top 15 tools for success

  1. Topsy (Social Media Tool)

Price: $12,000 per year (You can get this tool for free, but premium version is better as it will help you to get real time data with unlimited access to data and an additional feature of email support)topsy-analytics-on-keywords

This tool is very useful when you’re using Twitter for targeting people for your sales. Topsy will help you to check out all the tweet of our competitors tracing back to 2006. It also gives a privilege to find out the most influential tweets of your competitors.

  1. SocialMention (Mentions Monitoring Tool)

Price: Free

This tool can keep a track of all the happenings in Blogs, Social Media and viral Videos for you. You can check out individual competitor, about how they are mentioned in other blogs and social media platforms.3-socialmention-example-large-opt

  1. Google Alerts (Mentions Monitoring Tool)

Price: Free

This is an awesome tools in case you want to know each and every happening of your competitor, over the internet. Google Alert Tool will drop a mail into your inbox as soon as it can see a name being mentioned online about your competitor.everything-google-alerts-adwords-analytics-5-728

  1. InfiniGraph (Social Media Tool)

Price: Free

All the new trends of your competitors over social media can be tracked. InfiniGraph can also be used as a tool to analyse the performances of your competitor in social media platforms. frictionless-sharing-in-facebook-ads-beyond-analytics-to-actionable-intelligence-9-728

  1. Google Keyword Planner(Keyword Tool)

Price: Sign up for Google Adwords for free to use this tool

You can use this tool to efficiently use keywords in your contents as well as analyse your competitors. search-volume

  1. Instapaper (Organising Tool)

Price: Free

This tool will help you to bookmark or save the relevant information from webpages of your competitors in a well organised way.


  1. Monitor Backlinks (Keywords tool)

Price: Depends on your required number of domain for manage.

           Get to manage 2 domains for $19.00 per month,

           Get to manage 5 domains for $49.99 per month-Plus Plan,

           Get to manage 10 domains for $99.90 per month-Professional Plan.

You can use this to keep a check on the backlinks of competitor. It is very helpful in case you want to check on those link where your competitors are earning most. Monitor Backlink tool also helps you to track and compare the highest and lowest domains of your competitor’s link. monitor-backlinks-management-1024x520

  1. SEMRush (Keywords Tool)

Price: Free but you can upgrade to Premium for $69.95 per month.

SemRush Tool have a unique facility to get your data in Graphic Format. This also helps you to find the rank and keyword in organic search. semrush-1

  1. SpyFu (Keyword and Ad Monitoring Tool)

Price: Basic Plan for $79 per month

           Professional Plan for $139 per month

           Agency Plan for $999 per month

This will be of great use to you in case you are looking for keywords, which your competitors are focusing on. Just by typing the name of your competitor it give an option to get all the keywords in a list which are frequently targeted by your competitors.


  1. WooRank (Website Review)

Price: Free trail is available.

           Premium Plan for $149 per month, recommended for Agencies

           Pro Plan for a single project at $49 per month, recommended for Webmasters.

WooRank will help you to build your project and optimize your website using the outcomes of your project.woo-1024x592

  1. SpyOnWeb (To find out Resources of an Owner)

Price: Free

Review of this tools is commendable. Users loved this tool as they find it really easy to use. All you have to do is just type the domain or owner name, and Voila! You, will get a list showing all the domains and IP address under the name of that Domain or Owner. spy-on-web

  1. SimilarWeb (Web Rankings Tools)

Price: Free Trail for Basic and Advanced Accounts

           Basic Account for $99 per month

           Advanced Account for $599 per month

           Enterprise Account for $2,999 per month

SimilaWeb Tool is basically used for getting the insights of traffic into your website. This also helps you in getting the website rank or the one you ask for in the search bar. 201408091702257468405ed14c39685d56550210c345c8301c5a

  1. What Runs Where (Ad Monitoring Tools)

Price: For monitoring both Advertising Awareness and Mobile Awareness pay $299 per month for Basic Plan

           For Premium Plan pay $700 per month.

Just like it name What Runs Where, the services provided by this tool will really show you what runs where. This is a very handy tool to keep a track of your competitor’s production by getting new alerts every time they upload a new content or an ad. maxresdefault

  1. Ahrefs (Backlinks Tool)

Price: Free for 3 competitor reports and 10 results per use for limited time.

           Upgrade at $79 per month for detailed information.

This tool have gained a popularity by helping you to find top IPs, Pages and External links. You can find your concerned competitor by using this. discoverweb_backlink_tool_ahrefs

  1. Alexa (Web Rankings Tool)

Price: Basic Plan for $9.99 per month

           Pro Plan for $49 per month

           Advanced Plan $149 per month

 When it comes to spying your competitor this tool will never disappoint you. This tool is old and have gained much popularity to give you an accurate web ranking.2014-9-30-39-11-351[]Alexa_danh_gia_website

 You cannot compete without them

The tools listed in this content above, got great reviews by their users. This tools are certainly a leverage to boost up your business by making you a spy. Sneaking through the web on to your competitors can help you get new ideas to speed up the process of your business growth, plus it keeps you in a safer side when it comes to your business reputation.

You can try free version in case you are skeptical about its advantages. But this are worth certainly worth a try. So, check them out and do let us know how your experience was.

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