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As human beings, we are constantly trying to better ourselves and our lives. Humans can take their surroundings into cognizance and decide on the best way forward. The greatest obstacle we face is teaching a machine to take decisions. In recent years, we have achieved some success in doing so through the field of computer study popularly known as “Machine Learning.” And that is why the best machine learning course in Bangalore has picked up quite the pace.

Currently, there are 2200+ openings in Bangalore for machine learning experts.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the discipline of computer science that allows computers to learn a task without being specifically programmed to do it. It is one of the most interesting fields at the moment and has got scientists and developers excited all over the world.

As the name suggests, the idea is to endow machines with a humane ability – the ability to learn. Learning is one of the prominent features of intelligence. Machine learning, therefore, is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence. A machine learning course in Bangalore can introduce you to a field of great influence.

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Before we jump into a few of the best machine learning course in Bangalore, let us take a deeper look into the impact of machine learning.

Although, when we think Artificial Intelligence, we usually think of self-driving cars or face recognition, today, machine learning goes much wider and deeper.

Some unexpected places where machine learning finds its use are –

1. Product Recommendation

Ever wonder how websites, such as Amazon or Flipkart know what products we want? The recommendations are eerily in line with what we have been thinking of buying.

A machine-learning algorithm known as the “recommender system” is working in the background, analyzing user preferences, and search history to recommend products that fit the pattern. It’s the same thing YouTube or Netflix does to recommend the perfect video.

2. Stock Market or Real Estate Predictions

Machine learning algorithm known as the “Regression Technique” is responsible for predicting house prices in the future or analyzing and predicting the state of the stock market rise fall.

And the list continues.

Why Should You Take A Machine Learning Course in Bangalore?

Apart from the few examples where machine learning finds its use, one of the leading fields where it is used is in big data. In fact, when it comes to big data, machine learning is the new SQL. In fact, it is unfair to classify machine learning as a subfield anymore.

From Uber pricing to predicting who wins an election, machine learning is everywhere. A person skilled in the field will have numerous opportunities to contribute to the bigger picture and make a hefty earning while doing so.

Machine learning training endows you with multiple skills. Not only are you a machine learning engineer but also a data scientist. Data science is one of the hottest commodities in today’s high-level technical job market. The pay is great and the work is challenging. Most importantly, it earns you the privilege of being a party to the top inventions of the day.

13 Best Machine Learning Courses in Bangalore

Bangalore, also called “The Silicon Valley of India,” is a hub of exciting technological progress. Professionals from across India and different parts of the world come to this city for its technical brilliance.

The world of technology is rapidly changing and one must keep up to compete. So, here are the top 13 machine learning courses in Bangalore that will give you push towards a better career path.

1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya started off as a delivery partner for Social Media training workshops across India. But having tasted success, they soon evolved into a full-fledged digital marketing certifier and finally in 2017, a Data Science and Analytics trainer.

With their excellent quality of training and education, they have managed to partner with data-intensive giants such as Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, Vskills, and NASSCOM.

Spread across 13 modules and 7 hands-on assignments, Digital vidya, with its 10-year legacy of machine learning courses, has one of the most detailed curriculums available.

In the end, Digital Vidya holds a Capstone Project competition and successful participants win prizes and recommendations from their lead trainers.

Digital Vidya offers a 100% Interview Guarantee for its Online Machine Learning Course. They have a dedicated placement cell that assists their students through the job hunt process.

They guide their students through creating an effective resume, which is then shared with relevant organizations and partner agencies. Once shortlisted, they help the candidates pass initial rounds of discussions.

At a later stage, they help candidates prepare for the interviews and guide them all the way till they join an organization. This means Digital Vidya ensures each student has a fair shot at a job profile of their liking.

2. DataMites’s Machine Learning Certification in Bangalore



DataMites is one of the leaders in cost-effective, quality, and real-time training. They specialize in the field of analytics, including Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Mining, etc.

They strive to create professionals who can take on complex analytics issues and design perfect solutions. Their courses are handled by trainers with strong experience and industry background.

Datamites has five machine learning courses ranging from foundational to expert, including ones that teach Python or R along with it. It covers different analytics techniques and gives in-depth knowledge while covering the latest technological advances.

The course is aligned with the latest industry requirements and exposes the students to all the current technologies.

3. Indian Institute of Science’s Machine Learning Course in Bangalore

Indian Institute of Science

Indian Institute of Science

IISc is one of the premier institutes in India and the world. It’s computer science department opened in 1969 and has been working on automation since the mid-eighties. It aims to make India a center for excellence in computer science and automation.

IISc provides a bachelor’s degree in engineering called “Automated Software Engineering with Machine Learning”. It teaches advanced program analysis with deep learning, focussing on concurrency and security analysis of smart devices.

IISc is one of the top institutes in the country with the best brains serving as professors and a huge proportion of grant money being spent on student research. However, given limited seating, getting into the institute is a task.

4. Manipal ProLearn’s Machine Learning Training in Bangalore

Manipal ProLearn

Manipal ProLearn

Manipal Education is a global leader delivering top-quality higher education for over six decades. It leverages faculty expertise to offer top-notch educational experience throughout institutes across the world. They have partnered with several banks and IT companies to train and upskill their workforce.

Run through the experiential learning model, the course includes comprehensive study materials, webinars, live projects, self-assessment quizzes, and case studies. The course is designed by industry experts and teaches machine learning concepts as well as popular tools such as Excel, R, Python, SQL, No SQL, etc.

Students are taught to derive the accuracy of the machine learning models along with learning to classify different domains and application of the most relevant algorithms.

Manipal ProLearn is an award-winning learning management system. Its EduNxt is renowned for its live sessions, reading material and access to assistive needs. The idea is to provide an immersive learning experience anytime, anywhere.

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5. Social Prachar’s Machine Learning Certification in Bangalore

Social Prachar

Social Prachar

Social Prachar is a full-service digital agency specializing in business solutions, training and Data Science. They blend the traditional with a dedicated understanding of new-age communication strategy layered with a deep understanding of the digital medium. They train students in data science courses based on their hefty experience in understanding consumer online behavior and insight.

Social Prachar offers corporate training for machine learning with real-time experts and certification. They teach advanced machine learning that includes sessions on Python, Deep learning, R, SQL, etc. They have access to both classroom and online training, including weekend training for working individuals.

The most exciting value-addition to their course is the everyday-thinking mechanism employed in teaching machine learning. They use examples of everyday apps such as Uber and Google maps, etc. that students use for a better understanding of concepts.

6. myTectra’s Machine Learning Certification in Bangalore



myTectra is a global learning solutions company that aims to help organizations to gain real, lasting benefits.

myTectra offer Classroom Training, Instructor-led Live online training, and corporate training, along with 24×7 on-demand support. The training is cost-effective and can be customized for as many employees or student groups as needed. Their course covers modules on regression techniques, classification techniques, natural language processing, clustering techniques, etc.

myTectra offers technology and business courses to professionals and students across the globe on a differentiated real-time instructor-led online training.

7. Spring People’s Machine Learning Certification in Bangalore

Spring People

Spring People

SpringPeople is a pioneer in the enterprise training business in India and the largest in India today. It was founded by IIT alumni in 2009 and has worked with 750+ enterprises across the country.

SpringPeople has 9 artificial intelligence and machine learning courses to choose from. They are a mix of classroom and online live classes and cover each topic in detail with concepts dealt with through hands-on exercises.

They provide exposure to industry practices through hands-on training through cloud labs.

8. International Institute of Information Technology’s Machine Learning Course in Bangalore

International Institute of Information Technology

International Institute of Information Technology

The International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore is an Indian private research university, founded in 1999 with a vision to contribute to the IT world by focusing on education and research, entrepreneurship and innovation. It offers Integrated MTech., MTech, M.S. (Research), and PhD programs in the field of Information Technology.

The course covers NLP, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Graphical Models along with a solid foundation in Predictive Analytics and Statistics. It is a postgraduate diploma and targeted specifically towards working professional.

Designed for Working Professionals, it covers 450+ Hours of Learning, with 12 Case Studies and Assignments, Practical Hands-on Workshops and One-on-One with Industry Mentors. There is a dedicated Student Success Mentor along with Job Placement Assistance with Top Firms.

9. Learnbay’s Machine Learning Training in Bangalore



Learnbay claims to be the best classroom experience for data science courses in Bangalore. Reviews say that courses are job-oriented and instructors are updated to industry standards.

The course offers 200+ hours of instructor-led classroom training where instructors are working real-time in the data science work domain. They have four courses in the data science and machine learning domain and they have been co-developed with IBM.

At the end of successful training, each participant received an IBM certification on Data Science and AI along with real-time job assistance.

10. Inventateq’s Machine Learning Certification in Bangalore



Inventateq has been conducting software training for half a decade. They are known for their well-structured courses and excellent job placement.

They offer a two-month classroom course in machine learning, as well as a live instructor-led online class option. The course is aimed at working professionals and covers in-depth the concepts of data science and machine learning.

They claim a 100% job placement post-training.

11. Iteanz’s Machine Learning Course in Bangalore



Iteanz is a leading online learning platform that provides training solutions for both technical and business needs. They boast of an engaging, top-quality educational video library and employ a faculty of industry experts for their training needs.

The course can either be spread over weekdays or weekends based on student preference. It is a 36-hour online live instructor-led classroom course where real-life case studies are used as a teaching tool. In the end, students leave a successful training programme with an Iteanz certification.

Iteanz offers lifetime access to their learning platform, along with presentations, quizzes, recordings as well as 24×7 live support.

12. Corpnce’s Machine Learning Certification in Bangalore



A stepping stone into the data science world, Corpnce claims to take beginners from amateurs to professional data experts through the duration of their courses.

Specifically designed for professionals looking to change domains, this course has extensive 4-6 industrial projects and with the strategic intent of making candidates ready to deploy. It is a 7-month course with 165+ hours of training and 150+ hands-on activities.

Faculties are professional data scientists in this institute.

13. Profond AI’s Machine Learning Training in Bangalore

Profond AI

Profond AI

Profond AI is motivated by their passion for solving as many business problems as possible using machine learning. They are now trying to fabricate over a million quality data scientists in the near future.

They have 4 courses, each specifically designed to focus on one distinct aspect of data science and machine learning. Their courses cover regression and clustering techniques along with statistics and text pre-processing, among an array of other parts.

They even have a course specifically designed to get through interviews with mock interviews and resume building exercises.

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Benefits of having a Machine Learning Certification

A Machine Learning Course in Bangalore is really worth pursuing since AI nowadays has a big impact on our everyday lives. When applying for a job in technology related to machine learning, someone with certification will have a higher chance of getting through the screening stage than others, because they have proven skills.

Moreover, when attending the best machine learning course in Bangalore, the skills developed are invaluable to any tech professional.

Machine Learning jobs in Bangalore pay an average of INR 8 LPA and usually is on the higher end of the curve for software professionals. That itself is a good reason to pursue a machine learning course in Bangalore.

If you are inspired by the opportunity provided by Machine Learning, enroll in Digital Vidya’s Machine Learning Course today.

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