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It is said that email is more effective way to acquire customers than social media.

Email Marketing is one of the most widely used strategies for many businesses. Mailchimp offers email marketing is the most effective manner. This is a free tool and also has paid plans for advanced options. Small businesses find it challenging to do marketing, designing, providing services etc. Outsourcing Digital Marketing every time is not possible. Mailchimp comes as a boon for small startups looking for good and quality email marketing. The result of using Mailchimp for email targeting is substantial. The usage is fairly easy.

There are N number of ways we can use Mailchimp for email marketing, we will focus our discussion for following points:


  1. Campaigning becomes easy:

This is best part. Once you identify/ define your result making campaigns becomes easy. Be clear about what you want to achieve from the campaign. Mailchimp campaign has very easy drag and drop features for generating creative and amazing campaigns. The campaign should have compelling call to action. Mailchimp helps to create consistent, effective emails. The subject line should be catchy. MailChimp does a wonderful work of walking you through each step of the setup process. You can easily edit the designs by dragging and dropping the various style content blocks, images, buttons and you can save your designs for upcoming campaigns.


After you’re completed setting up your campaign, it analyses your campaign and alerts you if you’ve ignored an important step of the process. There are readymade templates of different categories to make work easy.


The types of campaigns are:

  1. Regular campaign: This is normal HTML based email. It contains images/buttons/text.
  2. Plain-text campaign: This is only text email. No images or styling is present.
  3. A/B Split campaign: You can have different versions of subject lies, content, timings etc.
  4. RSS driven campaign: You can send content of your own RSS feed or any other RSS feed to your subscribers.

Types of campaign

We can select the type of campaign as per our requirement.

There are readymade templates available to suit our necessity. For example: 1 column, 1:2 column, 1:2:1 columns etc.

It gives lot of content in drag and drop format. For example: Image box, Footer, Boxed Text, Social Share buttons etc.


Follow the simple steps that it provides and click on “Send Now”. Be ready for next step of analyzing the reports.

Send Now

2. Formation of lists is easy:

The lists are people who have subscribed to your business/ newsletter. Lists are core assets for Email marketing, and also vital that this list keeps on growing. Segmentation is easy to do in Mailchimp. For local events, geographic segmentation of list is very important.

Create list

  1. Tracking of emails:

A big perk of using Mailchimp is that it gives awesome analysis features. It provides valuable information like graphs, maps, trends etc. Studying these analytics helps us to improve our campaigns in future. With the help of Mailchimp reporting feature, you can find:

  • In your campaign, how many emails were opened?
  • Which links were clicked?
  • How many users clicked on CTA (Call To Action) button?

We can find comparison between industry averages as well. It gives us numerous ways to interpret the analysis provided. The reports of Mailchimp are the most splendid feature. They make breakdown work so relaxed. We can get reports as in Open rate, Click rate, Bounced, Unsubscribed, Forwarded, Last opened, 24 hour performance, Social performance, Top locations by Open. These all statistics help us to plan our campaigns accordingly. When subscribers open their email, Mailchimp tracks their location, so you can know the location of users.

Report 2

  1. Targeted audience:

It is not desirable that email is marked as spam. Mailchimp takes care of this. If the email is marked as spam, Mailchimp automatically removes it from the list. So the audience is more targeted and precise. As you can find location of your subscribers, you can target them separately based on their geographical location.

If you are willing to pay a little extra every month, you can upgrade to paid account and use more features like Automation etc. Mailchimp offers a handy paid feature called “Inbox inspector”, it examines your email for spam.

Mailchimp is an email marketing service which will help companies to improve visibility, increase brand awareness and track email campaigns. It is all up to us to use this facility wholly. It is clean, powerful, and friendly.

The 4 points: Campaigning becomes easy, Formation of lists is easy, and Tracking of emails and Targeted audience we have discussed are my favorites, feel free to share your favorite features of Mailchimp.

About the author:

Harshal is a Pune resident. She is an engineer, MBA in IT and computer faculty by profession. Founder of a computer institute in Pune and she is an emerging blogger. She enjoys swimming, writing, and yoga!!Learn more on You may want to connect with her on twitter @harshal_LE

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