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Make Google Adwords Tool Work For Your SEM Campaigns

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Google Adwords is known to be the best PPC online advertising service that places advertisements as a result of search queries. The advertisement is placed depending upon the relevancy of the search query determined by an algorithm set by Google. Although, advertising on Google platform is the most efficient choice, it is also one of the most expensive choices as compared to other advertising services or platforms. Hence, knowing how to effectively use this tool for making a successful SEM campaign is a key requirement for advertisers.

Further below, we shall get a brief understanding on how to make Google Adwords tool work for your SEM campaign:

QSWays To Improve Quality Score

Quality score is a factor coined by Google to rate the quality of the content hosted on a website. That is, the relevance of the landing page when one does a Google search. For any website to be ranked as good, it is mandatory that the viewer lands on the relevant page of the website when he does a search on Google for the product. For example, when one does a search for western wear for women, if the landing page of the website displays ethnic wear for women, the viewer will be dissatisfied with the result and will leave the website. It can also happen that this viewer may never come back to the website. Hence, it is very important for a website to have a good quality score.

bidBid On Branded Terms and Raise Your Bid

Bidding on keywords is another way to make a successful SEM campaign. Here, the selection of keywords for bidding is very vital. If the keywords chosen are not appropriate, then it can lead to wastage of money. The keywords chosen need to be valid and competitive.

After the initial setting of the campaign is completed, the performance of the same should be checked by running it for a few hours. After making an initial check, the position of the advertisement should also be done basis the initial campaign settings. One might need to bid a higher amount on the keyword in order to get a higher position.

After the ad campaign is run for sometime, one needs to check and monitor its default settings. It is very crucial to constantly monitor the placement of the advertisements and if the placement of the advertisement has fallen because of the competition outbid, then you will need to raise the bid amount to outbid your competitor. The keywords which have underperformed should be removed and replaced with new keywords. Also, the bidding value assigned to these keywords need to be rechecked on a regular basis and altered in order to maximize the outcome.

Selection Of Keywords

In order to ensure that one chooses the right keywords for one’s campaign, the Google Adword tool can be of great use. By feeding in a base search, one can get valuable suggestions from Google on which keywords come the closest to the search query. Google search engine will basically throw keywords which are largely used in search queries. It must be noted that, during this process, Google will also throw up some suggestions which may be close to the search query but not relevant to the business. Hence, to avoid this scenario, one needs to ensure that one provides a list of inclusions and exclusions which needs to be considered by Google before making suggestions. The output received in this fashion will be more useful and fruitful.

Use Of Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are those keywords which bring in traffic in terms of volume but they do not give any conversions. Hence, they do not meet the objective of the campaign. These keywords have high impact on the searches conducted. However, they are irrelevant for the search under consideration and will hamper the overall outcome of the campaign. They lead to sunken advertising cost with no revenue income. Hence, it is very crucial to eliminate such keywords so as to ensure a profitable campaign.

Monitoring of Ads And Keywords Tracking

It is also very important to monitor the performance of the campaign on a regular basis. One needs to keep a check on the default settings and alter them as per requirement. The keywords which have failed to generate a positive outcome should be replaced with new ones. One should also monitor the bid value assigned to these keywords. One should bid higher on the keywords performing well to ensure judicious use of allocated advertising budget.

Monitor Scheduling Of The Advertisement

Scheduling of the advertisement also plays a key role in ensuring success of the campaign. The default setting of any advertisement is set to 24/7. This however, may not be required and one will need to change these settings as per the requirement. It may be observed that certain advertisements are viewed maximum at a particular duration in a day and say more at weekends than weekdays. In such cases, one should ensure that the settings are modified accordingly. This will also lead to judicious use of the budget allocated to the campaign as more relevant viewers will view the advertisement bringing in more revenue.

These are some of the few tips one needs to keep in mind for a running a successful SEM campaign. Using Google Adword tool can be of great help in meeting the objectives of the campaign. One should also remember not to blindly rely on the results thrown by the tool. One should use one’s discretion to ensure that the right options are chosen to bring out the best results.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      When using Google Adwords for SEM strategy, it is necessary to frame the ad and its content in such a way that the user is tempted to click on the link. It should lead the visitor to navigate further. Using wrong set of keywords and landing pages could result in hampering the image of an organization. These tips would really come handy !!

    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Use of appropriate Google Adwords can bring big business for companies. As it is one of the expensive tool compared to other services/platform one should use it more effective manner. It is very important to write original and interesting content in Ad. Pairing of Adwords and landing page must be proper to get desired result.

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