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Make Great Video Advertisements With Google Adwords in 5 Steps

Make Great Video Advertisements With Google Adwords in 5 Steps

YouTube has become a great capability showcasing and advertising platform. This is attributed to the steady rise in users and channels with quality content in the form of videos. Video advertisements have a lot going for them ascribing to the popularity of this wonderful platform. It would be a shame if one did not realize the advertising potential that is locked away in this platform.

Video Advertisements:

Video advertisements

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Video advertising may not seem great at the very outset. If you dig a little deeper you find that there are numerous great advertisers and campaigns. These have artistically blended the use of a platform like YouTube and advertisements successfully. Some of the biggest brands have invested in YouTube and had great success stories. This platform has made itself a name like no other. YouTube sees a huge chunk of traffic on the internet. It’s a great opportunity for advertisers to cash in and make the most of it.

Getting a productive campaign setup on YouTube is all about good strategy. Video advertisements are incredible in their ability to generate traffic. Video advertising is cost effective when it comes to generating traffic. This combined with their ability to go viral makes them unparalleled. Viral videos can stem memes. Memes are an effective way of conversions.

It takes some time to create quality videos. If you are willing to invest, the results are impressive.

Video advertising in steps, to get you started:

Video advertisements

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1. Create a YouTube Channel

  • Sign into your Google account.Go to “All my channels”.
  • Create a new channel, click here.
  • Read Google’s terms and conditions and accept them.
  • Carefully plan your channel name, based on SEO considerations and brand strategy.
  •  Add important keywords in your description to improve your rank.
  • Make sure that your channel description tells viewers what to expect.
  • Social media pages cab linked.
  • Create and upload quality videos.


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2. Link Adwords to your channel

  • Linking accounts does not mean they are merged as one.
  • YouTube and Adwords will still remain separate entities.
  • Here’s a rundown on how to link them.
  • Login to YouTube and got to ‘My channel’.
  • You will see a ‘Link an Adwords account’.
  • Once the process is done you will receive an email intimation of the same.
  • This Process needs to be repeated for linking every YouTube channel under your administration.

3. Bidding and Video Advertisement formats

Once your accounts are setup and running. Now comes the most important part. You need to create convincing videos as part  of your video advertising campaign. It is an extensive process that requires testing and fine tuning.

Most people accustomed to advertisements in Adwords will be creating CPC (Cost per Cick), CPA (Cost per Acquisition) types of bids. Video advertisements do not feature CPC and CPA bidding strategies. Video advertisements for remarketing lists can make use of the conventional CPA and CPM strategies through standard Adwords campaigns.

The bidding strategy used for video advertisements is the CPV (Cost per View). CPV works on the basis that only when a viewer has viewed the video advertisement, the cost is accrued.

Video Formats

Video advertisements can be of only two formats. They have to be in either InStream or InDisplay formats. Hosted on your YouTube channel.

The advertisement campaign here is known as the TruView campaign, in Google Adwords. TruView campaigns give you choices over where your video advertisements are going to appear.

  • YouTube Network
  • Sites publishing videos across Google Display network
InStream Ads

These video advertisements appear before, after or during other videos on YouTube and the Display network. You only pay when a viewer watches 30 seconds, or less if that’s the duration of your video advertisement. You can also customize to pay when the viewer engages in interactions or a call to action with your video advertisement. The video advertisement appears across YouTube and sites of the Display network.

InDisplay Ads

Video advertisements are promoted when people search on YouTube and browse videos on the web. You are charged when a viewer clicks and watches your video advertisement. Your advertisements appear next to videos on YouTube  search results. Video advertisements will appear on pages that publish videos across the Display network.

TruView Campaign

The TruView campaigns can be created in Adwords within the video campaign type. TruView campaigns do not include text and images. Text and images appropriately can be made a part of the video itself. Only videos hosted on YouTube  are a part of the Truview campaigns. Reporting metrics are specific to TruView video campaigns.

4. Targeting audiences

Targeting here is also based on audience segmentation like in other Adwords offerings.


Targeting in this section can be done across various parameters like age groups, gender, locations. This is a useful tool when it comes to filtering the target audience.


This section targets its audience based on their interests,  in the target sections. This acts to weed out unnecessary impressions and keeps a tab on the budget.

Affinity audiences

Affinity audiences, targets audiences based on their affinity  towards your brand. This targeting can be used assuming that there is an established consumer base aware or loyal to your brand.

Custom affinity audiences

Custom affinity audiences, allows you to create trends in audience affinities customized to your brand.

Inmarket audiences

Target customers researching similar products. Capitalize on the research base and pitch  your brand and products based on their research preferences.

Placement Targeting

Place your video advertisements strategically, they are more likely to be seen by a select audience. Placement on Display network sites is strategic and catered to reach out a target audience.

Keyword Targeting
Video advertisements

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Target those audiences that are searching for products and services based on keywords searches. Like conventional searches but better, in scope. You display the range of capabilities your brand has on offer.

Video Remarketing

Selective targeting, of possible consumers. Target audiences based on their views, call to actions triggered, comments, subscriptions, and unsubscriptions. Target them for visiting your channel. If they visit, they are interested.

5. Educate and Target

A direct or indirect targeting approach is best used. A direct approach would be to pitch your product InStream. An indirect approach could use InStream or InDispay formats. Indirect approaches use the principle of showcasing the capabilities of like products.  This generates interest, interest becomes a desire to possess which leads to conversion.

Educating the prospective audience is always a good idea before pitching your product. This leads to value creation. Video advertisements really work wonders to push products which are latent. Latencies arise on account of high or steep subscription curves.

Easter egg approach

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A Million plus channels and the vast multitude of content on offering is a testament, to the success of YouTube as a platform for displaying your creative genius. That with an ability of  video content to be shared on competitive social media platforms like Facebook, ensure a vast outreach beyond the confines of the hosting platform. This scale of outreach allows fringe marketing beyond intended target audience. This combined approach of using Social Media marketing with embedded video advertisements allows for an easter egg approach.

Such a strategy would ensure that loyal Social media aficionados, that would otherwise be confined to their platforms also reap the benefits of being exposed to indirect means of advertising. Through their network, as updates and shares. This approach of using YouTube  as a host platform for embedding video advertisements serves to deliver this content beyond the search network and Google spread. This is made possible by using Viral videos as carriers to embed the video advertisements. The Viral videos themselves breach the barriers of outreach, in that they have the potential to work their way as forwarded links into cellular devices, using platforms like Whatsapp.

Such forwards containing the Viral urls could also be utilized to gain and affect brand awareness and recall in the form of  the video advertisements going beyond the confines of search engines themselves. Especially relevant to those who seek brand awareness and recall value.

Video advertising is no magic bullet, but it is one of the best creative online platforms available to showcase your product. With rather restrictive budgets, a handy cam, and good editing skills, combined with a flair for exuberance is all you need to be geared up. Give it a go, your video advertisement may turn out to be the next big thing !

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