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Make Your Blog Shine Online With 6 Smart SEO Tips

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blog-3In the SEO world, it is always recommended to have a blog.It helps spread the word and connect with your audience.Blogging is a great way to express your thoughts and opinions, share information and even teach about anything.Therefore, making yourself visible to your target audience becomes really important. So, lets take a look at the most effective techniques to really stand out in this era of blog-sphere.

  • Link To Previous ContentLink building

Search Engines use crawling before the results are displayed. Internal links come as great breather for the crawlers as it helps to find the relevant pages within a site. Hence, if an internal link is added to a page, it increases its visibility by passing the link juice between the site pages.The more the number of internal links, the stronger is the domain authority of the site as it becomes powerful and stronger on content. E-commerce sites are the best examples for using this strategy. Adding internal links also helps maintain an ideal site structure thus improving search engine visibility for the site.

  • Add Fresh Content

A fresh and a unique content of a blog makes it more attractive for its users, who look for new information every time they login. Since the user’s attention span is just few seconds, as a blogger it is a challenge to write compelling content. Something they find outstanding and worth sharing. Keep adding content regularly with variations in your writing as well the content you offer. It is also recommended to maintain clarity on what you are about to convey through your blog.

  • Add Images

brainAn age old theory which states that images are compelling in nature when it comes to an individual’s retention. Use some great ones, so as to make sure that the target audience retains the message. Graphics, engaging images supplement an average content as compared to great content with minimal or no imagery. It is also an SEO strategy to make yourself searchable through images. A recent research also concluded that articles with images get 94% more views.Compelling reason isn’t it?

  • Use Headings

Use headings for effective use of keyword usage, it helps generate interest of the audience as well. Keywords can be used in headings but make sure not to include them in each subheading. This can prevent keyword stuffing issues. Use of H1 and H2 headings is also highly recommended to optimize the content for search engine queries. In addition, writing articles in paragraphs is a great way to segment your content.

  • Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword researchA thorough keyword research is recommended before generating a blog. Google’s Keyword Planner comes in handy for getting keyword ideas for your blogs. It is simple and easy hence, make use of it.

  • Using Emails

Make use of your network, by spreading the word through emails. Though, we might ignore it as a strategy but really helps a blogger to increase his audience size. You cannot only send emails by sharing the link of your blogs, but also use a blog link in your email signatures.

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