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Make Your Search Visitors Happy & Rank Higher In Google

Make Your Search Visitors Happy & Rank Higher In Google

Due to the advancement in digital era and excessive use of social media platforms most of people know what they are looking for when they want something. They don’t just randomly keep searching for what they want, but make a proper study regarding that. So it has become very difficult to make a person land up to your website and help them get what they want unless you keep a proper content ready for the reader at right place. If a person lands up in your site they must get exactly what they are looking for. Your content must make them pause and make them feel that your website is taking care of their needs to a greater extend.


With proper planning and implementation of the type of content in your website, you can actually make your visitors happy. If you overlook this aspects, your potential customer is more likely to end up get his needs from your competitor, as the competition is too high in this era.

What your Visitors are looking for?

Before you try to make a content it is very important that you know the type of customers that you want to visit your website. Writing a content is no more a school job of few words, it must contain relevant and enough words and facts in it to make a visitor remember what you are providing them in return. Every second that a visitor gives to your content must be rated well just as money and you must deliver them what your visitors are looking for in your website.

Imagine a situation when you are searching for a relevant piece of information in Google search engine. What is your first expectation about the return of the Google Results? Most probably you will want your answer in first few top search results. How many times have you tried to look into the second page results of the Google Search? There might be very few of you who will be looking into the second page to get a relevant answer, many will jump into new search by changing few words and check out other search results rather than going for the second page of a search result.

However, there are other options available by which you can make your website contents visible to the crowd to increase the website traffic, best chance will be social media. Even in social media, people won’t even click your content unless first few lines or pic along with it seems relevant or unique.

In order to make your website rank higher in Google ranking you need visitors who will in return increase the traffic. So, to get visitors you have to take care of their interest. You must make sure they find what they are looking for. There are 7 ways by which one can achieve this.

7 Ways to make your Search Visitors Happy

  1. Use of Old Indexing Method

Imagine that you get a huge book of 1000 pages but don’t even have a table of content or a summary of the book. Will you find it good to buy? The biggest challenge will be to find your relevant topic in it. It will be hard for you to get your relevant topic without skimming through the each and every page. An additional page for table of content or indexing plays a great role in making it easier to help you find what you are looking for.


This same concept must be used in your contents in website in order to make it easier for the visitors to get their relevant stuff. The best way to get a table of content in your blog posts is to install a ‘Table of Content plugin’.

  1. Get rid of Distractions

Now a days many websites have forgot the limit to make use of extra elements or plugins in their page. This extra elements have made it really harder to focus on the content and get what they are actually looking for. The reason for landing in their website is lost when get distracted by facing different advertisements and pop-up displays.

  1. Make it Easier for Scanners


Many of the people searching for their relevant contents in Google search engine looks for the exact topic or piece of information that they are interested in rather than landing up in a 1000 words long content. So this is the reason why they choose not to go through the whole content but the important topics in it. In that case, use of headings and subheading is the key to direct the interest of visitors to the relevant piece of information.

  1. Summarize the Content

It is very important that you make it clear what your content is about. Many visitors stop reading the content after the introduction part. So, try to bring out the reason for writing the content and the relevant points of content that may attract the interest of the visitors at the introduction part of the content.

  1. Quick Answers for Quick Questions

It is not necessary to put the whole book in your blog to make a reader read it. Anyway no one can force someone to read unless and until the content is of some use. So, try to keep it short, without pulling it with irrelevant info in it.

  1. Importance of Meta Description

It is very important to make a Meta description which is short as well as cover important keywords of the content in it. Meta description is the sentence that is seen below the Google Link in Google Search results. Just by reading Meta description customers can get an idea how useful is your content.


  1. Offer at right time

What is the use of offering something which they already possess? So, it is very necessary to see the timing for your offer. The best possible way to put a link to download along with your content or by the side of your content so they may decide what to go for.


The trick of attracting customers lies behind the way you know your customers and design accordingly. Every content that you write must be customer centric only then you have a chance of making your website to the top of Google Rankings.

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    Santhosh DR   /   Reply

    This will help me a lot, thanks for wonderful post 🙂

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      Thank You. Keep checking our blog for more contents on new SEO techniques.

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