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Make Your SEO Campaign A Success With 3 Effective Tips On Google Adwords Keyword Planner

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Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool is a great free tool given by Google. This basically informs the best-fitted keywords related to your business. Through this, one can easily target the huge traffic and ranked high in Google.  Keyword planner can help to find the effective keywords, ad group ideas, new keywords with multiplying the old one, competitive bids and budgets for the campaign.

The keyword planner tools basically provide the idea of new keywords or an ad groups, the estimates of the particular keywords and multiplying the keyword list.

Are you running SEO campaign? Are you not getting the best out of that campaign? Have you wasted a lot of money in doing so and now thinking to stop that campaign? If all your answers are ‘yes’ then you need to be more focus on the tips to use the Keyword Planner tool.  Everyone is doing the basic things to run the campaign but why not all campaigns are successful? It doesn’t matter whether you are new or the experienced one in this field. What matter the most is it should be in a right way and in a right direction. The below 3 effective tips apart from the basic on Google adword keyword planner tool will definitely gonna work to make your SEO campaign more successful and you will get the best ROI:-


Mobile devices is in Green.

1. Mobile Trends

About 60% of the population uses mobile and tablets, so just focus on what audience are searching. Google adword keyword planner tool gives this option to see the search result from mobile. This will help to find which keywords are working or which not for the mobile site. Well, this is not an easy trick but will definitely runs your campaign a step ahead. You can also setup to see detailed insights like segmented the search by devices. From this, you can identify which devices are mostly used for your product. This will help in how much you need to bid for each and every devices.

2. Search Volume Trends

Search volume is another tip to run the campaign successfully. This will show the insights for the average monthly searches. Also, one can see this year and the previous year insights side by side. Through the insight, one can easily set up the new keywords which are more effective to run the campaign.

Year wise

3. Location Trends

It will show the insights for the breaks of different location. If you want to target particular keywords only location based then this tool will really help. One can easily set the specific locations which include country, cities or small towns. This will give targeted insights only. You can also make a list of new keywords by using the multiply keywords tools which will give you the idea about the traffic and volume.

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