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Market Has Officially Changed! Cost To Reach 1000 Users Is One-Tenth In Digital

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Did you look up what the latest buzz in the town is? No? You can check it out.. from your newspaper naah.. you will rather log onto online news portals such as Google News for instance and read through the latest news feeds and updates. Isn’t it? DM1

This is what my point exactly is! How many of you rely on traditional sources of information such as books, newspapers, magazines, journals etc.? Hardly, a handful of few.. this is just because of the changing trends as per the convenience of  the user. In the present day scenario, e-books have replaced the books, news updates can be found on internet with immediate effect, instead of the news updates getting published on the following day (which in most cases is true!) Agree to it? Don’t you? The sole motive of emphasizing on this fact is that howsoever, traditional media platforms cannot be replaced but what is upcoming in this tech-savvy world is digitization of anything to everything.

DM2Ok let’s say you feel your eyes are getting weak and you want to get an eye check-up done. What would you do? The obvious answer will be that you will go up to an eye-specialist and get your eye check-up done. What if I say, that you need not go anywhere and this facility can be availed by sitting back home only? Yes, that is feasible! Surprised? Don’t be.. There is this company by the name LensKart that enables you to get your eye check-up done from an expert and choose the set of frames that suits you the best. Now that is what is called providing the service through online mediums by doing marketing through digital platform.

In case you are an aspiring marketer and want to leverage digital marketing then this post will serve the purpose to a certain extent.

Marketing is not merely confined to a defined set of people, it is rather the ever-lasting process that leaves a great impact on the results of the campaign. Whether the results are good or bad depends upon the type of marketing conducted. Digital Marketing is a term that is synonymous with spreading a word about your interests, work profile, businesses and what not. Marketing says customer is the king but digital marketing says content for the customer is king!

DM3Gone are the days when people were suggested with solutions with different inputs, now is the time when people are looking for the crisp and precise answer to their questions. What better way than searching on the internet? Giving knowledge about a particular topic or discussing about the latest buzz seems relevant to the reader only if his/her need of visiting the website is satisfied. If you want that your visitor sticks to your website, appreciates it after having received apt information, suggests to others which is indirect promotion and turns out to be your avid follower, then my friend, nothing but a comprehensive knowledge of Digital Marketing is the medicine to cure all your problems. In a nutshell, if you answer the questions to what people are looking for then undoubtedly they will come back again & again on your website.

Digital Marketing should be taken as a brand creating, building and managing medium that can help the brand to evolve and grow. To achieve customer engagement through B2B and B2C channels via traditional methods has been gradually replicated by Digital Marketing mediums so that they result in assured success. However, things take time to show results so do not take decisions in haste. Rather tread on the journey of advertising through digital media and assess whether people are actually searching for something that you want them to search. If it is working then there is no looking back but if they are not, then there is surely a need to reassess what went wrong.

As quoted in the aforesaid example of LensKart, it is evident that the company strategized its policy in such a way that it is witnessing a fairly good response. The credit goes to how they actually used the platform set forth by Digital Marketing and moved ahead with their campaign.

Sustaining in this inevitably vicious cycle is the biggest challenge. But nothing is impossible as the word itself says ‘I am possible’.

The future of Digital Marketing is bright but only if it is leveraged in the right way by using the right techniques.

Moreover, there was, there is and there will be a need for specialists who have got the requisite skills that can help to work in the favour of making the campaign a successful one. For this, it is important for marketers to realise that cashing upon major social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter etc. cannot only help but actually prove to be fruitful in the long run.

Creative and logical thinkers will have a better say. Moreover, to achieve the desired set of results it will be required to think out of the box so as to surpass the existing competitors.

In the near future, it can be very well seen how digital marketing changes the way marketing services are delivered.

To conclude, I would say ‘Digital Marketing is here to stay..’.

[Sr. Associate – Content Marketing]

A content passionate, Jasleen handles content writing & marketing activities. Also, she leads Digital Marketing Internship Program. She is in the content writing and marketing fraternity for 6+ years now & is proficient in writing content for blogs, articles, books, brochures and social media. She embraces practical knowledge of WordPress CMS.

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