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It is very common to hear from people what the next year will bring for the marketers even though there is no way anyone knows what will actually happen. Even we come across blogs where several predictions are posted. Sometimes these blogs are considerable, imaginative, throw light on some topic or trend that haven’t been seen earlier, or may introduce you to some brilliant personality, whom you haven’t come across earlier. Other times they can be monotonous. This happens because of repeated insights on the blogs year after year such that that insights of the predictions becomes uninteresting.

This year instead of guessing what the next year will bring, we can revisit the predictions we hear again and again repetitively. Some have come true but are still being predicted while some are nowhere near to become true.

  • Customers would have a better hold on business relationship

This is one of the prediction that has already happened. This is how a supply and demand works- customers always had a control on business relationships. But what has changed is that customers have a larger impact due to technological advances. Easy access to information is one of the reason and sales team has no control over it.

  • SEO would die

Just because Google has inscribed keywords and changed its algorithm to focus on topics rather than keywords, does not mean that optimization of search engines will come to an end. People will still use search engines to find answers to their queries. Even those marketers who want people to know about them will still create marketing that is easy for users to find through search engines. People will keep on using search engines until they stop wanting to discover new things. Not to forget that social media is also included in the search discovery.

  • 2014- will be the year of mobile

Since it is being proclaimed every year to be the year of mobiles, so the trend has been followed for 2014 as well. People are already using their mobiles for a variety of purposes. They purchase products on phone, they read various sites on phone and so on. If there are companies who are not known about this trend should jump to it, it’s not too late.

  • Social media will mean engagement

Engagement is not the only thing that works on social media. One needs to focus on balancing broadcasted messages, lead generation and also engaging with social media followers.

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