Marketo Leveraged Social Media & Improved Its Campaign’s Performance

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Marketo-Logo-PMSSocial media platform have proven to be the best platform in case you want to reach out to the large number of people. The number of audience you can find for your content can never be found by any other means. And it’s even much better than spreading some pamphlets out in open. Social media have also proven to be very effective, as they cost much lesser then that of other means of spreading a content or a campaign.

This all awesome use of social media marketing have been beautifully illustrated by Marketo. They used social media to improve their campaign performance and the results were simply remarkable.

About Marketoabout-photo-1

Marketo is a marketing software company.  Headquater of Marketo is in San Mateo, CA. They are specialized in making marketing automation software for companies. Marketo have proved themself as the no.1 company for marketing software on Inc. 500 in 2012. It was founded by Phil Fernandez who is the current CEO and President of Marketo.marketo

Marketo helps other organisations to build a lasting relationship with the customers by the help of their products and services. All the services provided by Marketo is by using a cloud based platform. They make use of different innovative strategy to convert visitors all the way down to the marketing funnel.

Their services includes providing assistance to company by using different products like Marketo Sales Insight, Marketo Lead Insight, Marketo Revenue Cycle, Analytics, and Marketo Social Marketing, for converting their customers down the marketing funnel. Products by Marketo are specifically designed for small business.


For a company, whose main aim is to help other covert visitors using software, it’s very important for them to gain an authority over internet. For that they must make themself clearly visible over the social media platforms for online marketing. This is very important in case they need to gain customers online.

Marketo identified their challenges and stated them into three particular goals in order to improve their campaigns.

1. Social Marketing: Increasing the reach of relevant contents to accurate targets through social media.

2. Social Selling: Increase number of sales by analysing their performance using different analytics tool

3. Social Customer Service: Continuous engagement with customers to increase their trust and loyalty.

In order to tackle all this challenges Marketo used social media marketing in an amazing way.

Strategy to tackle the challenges

Marketo took a number of steps to deal with their challenges. This piece of content will make you aware of all those tricks used by marketo. Those steps are stated below:

1. Effective reuse of revenue on social media

It seems Marketo really did understood the importance of analysing their performance in social media platforms. This is the reason why they choose to use HootSuite for making sure that they are going after potential targets and not just randomly.hootsuite-socialmediamanagement-logo

Twitter is one of the most effective social media platform as you can make a real time search using it and even message anyone, anywhere with a great ease. So, Marketo made a great use of twitter to target their potential customers. This made significant change in the number of sales leading to reuse their profit back on social media channels for further growth of their campaigns.

2. Support from Customer Relationship Management software

salesforce-logoCRM or Customer Relationship Management software is a kind of tool which helps an organisation to manage business customer relationship in a better way. They can meet a number of targets of building customer relationship in a very painless and effective way which seem to be great tool for engaging with customers.227466-salesforce-com-professional-edition-marketing-executive-dashboard

Marketo used this tool from and successfully got mind blowing results for the level of customer satisfaction, which was literally raised to 93%.


Marketo made it clear that how important a social media platform can be for campaigning. So after social media platform have proved to be most effective way to make your business organisation visible to a large number of people. The social media platform will provide you a place where one can make their contents reach to a vivid and large society. In case your contents are influential, the audience that will find it relevant can be targeted for converting them to be your customers.

We can see that Marketo is quite thankful to tools like HootSuite and CRM software from HootSuite and Customer Relationship Management or CRM software played a major role in the success of Marketo campaigns over social media platform.  Marketo could have never known their performance and influence over people without the use of HootSuite tool. HootSuite lead them to find their targets in an effective way. Customer relation is then maintained by the help of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Overall, the synchronized use of both CRM and Hootsuite has made a vast change in the number of sales for Marketo.

You can make use of this strategy to led your business organisation to success. Keep checking back on us to find real life amazing strategies used by different organisation which led them to success.

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