Maruti Suzuki India League Generated 24M+ Impressions Through Social Media

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unnamed (8)About Maruti Suzuki India

Maruti Suzuki India Limited earlier known as Maruti Udyog Limited, is a vehicles producer in India. It is an auxiliary of Japanese vehicles and bike producer Suzuki.The organization is headquartered at No 1, Nelson Mandela Road, New Delhi. In February 2012, the organization sold its ten millionth vehicle in India.

In the year 2013, in April and May the 6th IPL (Indian Premiere League) cricket match was been played . As we all are mindful that there are a huge number of IPL fans in India. It is commended as the happy season. Amid this time Maruti Suzuki arranged a method which was connected with IPL6 on a Digital Media Platform and made an advertising methodology to contact however much individuals as could be expected. Maruti Suzuki crusade was named as Maruti Suzuki India League. Maruti Suzuki India class produced 24 M+ impressions through Social Media. Give us a chance to take a gander at the system execution which it did.

Amid IPL season you get a substantial no. of gathering of people being watching the cricket match and it is the most talked point. They are totally included in it. Maruti Suzuki chose to snatch this open door through online networking. It construct a method picking IPL subject. The fundamental point behind picking this subject was to reach to the amplify individuals to Maruti Suzuki on online networking and build its fan base and in addition the engagement rate. They didn’t just needed to make the banners and videos however they needed to go past this and needed to make their own particular occasion. Subsequently they outlined their own particular diversion which they called it as Maruti Suzuki India League. It was assemble in the same lines as IPL match is played. To make the mindfulness in the general population about their diversion they made banners on YouTube channels and made declarations for Maruti Suzuki India league. The perceivability of the banner was extremely monstrous and as IPL season was going on it effortlessly pulled in to drive the individuals thoughtfulness regarding Maruti Suzuki’s crusade.


Business strategy

The amusement was made on the Facebook Page .They made mandatory for the intrigued gathering of people to turn into a fanatic of their page on the off chance that they needed to play the Maruti Suzuki Premiere league, once the group of onlookers were fan they were permitted to enter the fan entryway and play the game. Maruti made a unique point of Landing page for this furthermore a fan tab. Maruti Suzuki has made an impeccable cricket amusement to engross their fans and bring energy.


Maruti Suzuki Premier League shaped a 6 teams, the fans were permitted to pick their own group and play for them, play cricket and participate in the challenge. Fans played a cricket amusement and scored the runs furthermore offered an right anwers to the questions of the challenge. The challenge was led till a month The score was followed by trivia. Individual was connected with one team, he needs to score for his group and his individual focuses were added to the group score. They made an open door where their group scores were made viral, They additionally shaped a leaderboard where they showed best individual score too group score, this bring fervor among the fans The team which wins was likewise pronounced the league of the season Maruti Suzuki India.


Leaderboard showing individual score

Maruti Suzuki additionally tweaked its topic as indicated by the Maruti Suzuki India League on Facebook Timeline pictures Facebook Tab, Twitter skins furthermore YouTube skins.

Amid this challenge they increase extraordinary engagement, perceivability and prevalence among the vast arrangement of gathering of people. Each technique like themes made on pages, leaderboard been viral worked out extremely well. As the IPL advanced and adored, Maruti Suzuki Premiere League additionally turn into a substantial diversion among the individuals. IPL diversion was played for two months same was for the Maruti Suzuki India class and it most likely scored enormous as far as its image association among its kin. The general compass and the perceivability was exceptional for Maruti Suzuki battle. YouTube additionally assumed a noteworthy part in picking up the prevalence for Maruti Suzuki. Items feature Ads and flags were showcased on YouTube which turned into a web sensation. The accomplishment behind Maruti Suzuki was its engagement rate and compass to its running so as to gather of people which accomplished this battle.



  •  They get 24 Million or more impressions
  • There were around 3.20 lakhs of snaps created
  • There were more than 2.7 lakhs of amusement played
  • Pretty nearly 72000 individuals turned out to be a piece of the class
  • Aggregate time spent was 34000 minutes.

Cricket is the most adored amusement by Indians. There are million of individuals who affection to play cricket. Maruti is most trusted brand in India. Maruti Suzuki took the advantage of the occasion and strike when the iron was hot, that is the point at which the IPL match was played. It is dependably the best showcasing strategy to contain the present pattern as the medium to advance your image as it will without a doubt get high engagement rate. Maruti Suzuki had a flawless method of brand associate which included part of fun and also engagement on the same time.

Image Credits: dsim

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