Maxx Mobile Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Achieve More Than 6000 Likes In just 8 Days

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MAXX mobileIntroduction

MAXX Mobile, is a company involved in the manufacture of mobile handsets and accessories. It recently launched a new handset known as MSD7 Android mobile and wanted to create awareness among the prospective customers about it. The company’s social media presence was pretty weak. The newly created Facebook page of MAXX mobile did not boast of good fan following and had only 3k page likes. In order to achieve this goal and create a buzz around the newly launched handset, MAXX mobile launched a campaign on Facebook during Valentine day week. This social media marketing campaign was carried on by the digital agency KWebmaker and was able to meet its desired goals.

Business Objective of MAXX Mobile

Following were the main business objectives of MAXX Mobile:

  • Creating awareness about the newly launched MSD7 Android mobile handset.
  • Reaching  out to new customers through social media channels and engaging its community,
  • Leveraging the new product launch opportunity in not only engaging but also growing its Facebook’s community.

Strategy/Approach adopted by Maxx Mobile

Maxx mobile MSD campaignAs the handset was a new entry, MAXX Mobile wanted this to catch the attention and imagination of the audience by leveraging the power of social media marketing. Thus, with the help of digital agency KWebmaker it conceived and initiated a contest on it’s Facebook page around MSD7 Android handset. Following were the strategies adopted by MAXX Mobile:

  • As the launch was in the month of February and since this is the month with Valentine’s Day as it’s flavour the company decided to keep the theme of its contest around Valentine Day. Thus, keeping with this theme, the contest “Valentine’s Day one” was launched on Facebook.
  • An application on Facebook was created allowing the users to download around 7 different forms of cover photo pictures designed by MAXX Mobile. The company used a slightly different approach here. They did not make this app exclusively  for “fans only” and the users were not necessarily  required to ‘like’ the page and be a fan to have an access to the app. This sent a positive message among the audience and the brand did not come up as just another brand trying to thrust/push its product among the users.  Rather it  was more like indulging with customers and trying to engage them.
  • All the cover images were themed around the Valentine’s Day and users were asked to upload and put these as cover images on their personal Facebook profiles/pages. Apart from this, they also had to tag and share the cover pictures with maximum friends. The prize of the contest was MSD7 Android handset  autographed by Mahinder Singh Dhoni ( captain of Indian cricket team) for the two lucky winners.
  • The cover picture that was used in the contest was branded with a strategically placed image of MSD7 Android handset and the MAXX mobile brand logo. They also used the image of celebrity cricketer MS Dhoni, the captain of Indian cricket team with his autograph on the handsets.

Thus all this created a lot of buzz and many users got engaged with the campaign as the contest was quite simple with winner getting the newly launched phone  autographed by MS Dhoni . The contest attracted and encouraged many users to tune in and spread their love through their personal cover images,thus  helping the campaign to reach more fans by way of sharing, tagging, liking and commenting.

Key Results

maxxTalking-About-UsThe social media marketing campaign was a great success and garnered many impressive results:

  • The MAXX mobile Facebook page accumulated more than 6000 likes in just 8 days.
  • With more than 9,000 fans, the results were quite amazing . MAXX was able to engage around 8656 people (approximately 80% of the 9000+ fans) during the 8 days of campaigning.
  • MAxx_Viral_ReachThe cover photo was downloaded by about 1143 users.
  • There were around 107 users who actually uploaded the cover image,  shared and tagged by their friends.
  • The viral reach of the campaign was around 74,042 people as per the Facebook statistics.

Key Learnings

The campaign was a huge success and the company was able to achieve all it’s objectives. Following are a few important learnings from this social media marketing campaign:

  • This case study is a good example of how to utilize social media marketing techniques effectively for engaging target customers.
  • Minimum ad expenditure, a good prize as a reward, creative ideas and unique daily content can work handsomely in engaging audience through Facebook.
  • Responding to all the comments as well as ‘likes’, conveys the message that they are being heard, appreciated and the relationship is valuable. Effective response management system helps in building and strengthening the connection with the customers.
  • Aligning the campaign with an event/festival (in this case Valentine’s Day) and using it as a theme of the contest helps in increasing its viral quotient and hence enhancing the engagement r.
  • Using celebrity inspired contest and rewards in your campaign helps in attracting more audience to the campaign.

*image source: Google images.

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