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McDonalds Leveraging Facebook’s Real Business Metrics To Scale Personalized Content

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The recent buzz these days is McDonalds, Europe and Facebook’s joining hands for scaling McDonald’s personalized content through social networking. The McDonalds team showed their trust on Facebook to introduce a more reactive marketing as a seasonal activity.


McDonalds, one of the most prominent and biggest chains of hamburger fast food restaurant, treated Facebook as a broadcast channel for their sponsored platforms such as the European Football Championship and Olympics. Hence, McDonalds tied up with Facebook’s creative and planning team so as to directly focus and target people, who might not be sports fans but have caught attention of either of the events.

Since both the events are coming up in the year 2016; hence, the company has yet not disclosed anything about future advertising tools on the social media platform; however, it wants to have its complete year calender to roll with the most responsive content through which company can easily reach consumers at the global platform.

Guidelines are taken from the brand’s “Fry Futbol” video which was developed by Facebook for World Cup. As per reports, this “Fry Futbol” video fetched attention at global level despite of the fact that it targeted European markets only.

As per Thomas Truttmann, Head of Sports Marketing at McDonald’s Europe, “Looking to the future, we will see how we can replicate the success of Fry Futbol with our other sponsorships such as those we have with UEFA and the IOC and we will also continue to leverage these sponsorships on a local level.”

Rob Newlan, Head of Facebook’s EMEA Creative Shop said, “Having an ‘always-on’ strategy has been something people thought meant pushing content out al the time, when in fact it’s really about being selectful when you do and don’t talk to people.”

Therefore, scaling of content plays a major role on Facebook, but it has become important to do it more relevantly. Facebook team; thus, used their real business metrics such as sales and affinity in order to provide the best of the scaling of personalized content to McDonalds. The reason for using these metrics was not just to develop a creative content, but also to provide a great push for the business as well.

Hence, use of Facebook’s real business metrics by McDonalds can be a major shift in fast food industry for scaling the personalized content and using this as a marketing strategy by the biggest fast food giant.

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