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Measuring Marketing Effectiveness At Great Indian Marketing Weekend (GIMW), 2014

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Wish to grab an understanding on how to measure marketing effectiveness? Great Indian Marketing Weekend (GIMW), 2014 bestowed this opportunity to develop and understanding for the same and served as a platform for bringing clients and agencies at one place to have a discussion on the common object of developing marketing strategies, building tactical plans, designing campaigns and executing them in order to achieve enhancement of their skills and products.

Great Indian Marketing Weekend provided an opportunity to its audience to witness a panel discussion by industry experts viz., Mr. Abhinav Sinha, EKO; Mr. Alok Gupta, GraphisAds; Mr. Manu Grover, Haldiram Group; and Mr Pranay Gupta, 91Spring Board on Measuring Marketing Effectiveness.

Few inputs given by the speakers during the discussion were:

Mr. Manu Grover:

  • You need to calculate the ROI so that there is a buzz for your object.
  • Marketing should be used effectively which can create a buzz. It is not just about spending on this.
  • It is the innovation in marketing which creates a buzz.

Alok Gupta:

  • If company is getting great sales out of campaign then that is the bottom line of any campaign.
  • One basic mistake done is that most of the newspapers are in vertical format so get it published in that format rather then getting it published in horizontal format.
  • If your product has this capacity to sell your product then there is very less need of marketing or create a buzz for it.

Therefore, it is now clear that measuring marketing effectiveness plays a major role in a company’s marketing strategies.

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