Mercedes Benz Drove People To Web Through Google Search

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mercedes-benz-cars-logo-emblemMercedes Benz with the help of Google and Market Share partners (Media Mix Modelling Agency), found the key aspects of how online marketing helped to reach effectively to their customers. As an automobile company, both way of marketing are important. The reach and effectiveness of Offline marketing cannot be quantified. Quantifying the relation between offline and online marketing could not happen without an innovative and effective approach. Mercedes Benz had a detailed market study on how their online and offline marketing pulled in their customers. It was found that online marketing not only gave the more results but it has helped in simplifying the decision-making process. As in all cases web analytics helps in finding out the key areas where we need to focus on marketing. The data we get is true and the insights we derive are precise. It in turn helps to strategise the offline marketing also. It is important that we get the result in revenue for the investments we do in advertisements. This market study by Mercedes found that it is advisable to invest more on online marketing, as it was giving better results in terms of the money we spent for the purpose.

The major market study that Mercedes Benz conducted included two project that could:

  • Quantify the individual roles of online and offline media and how they work together.
  • Quantify the role of Google natural and paid search.

For this purpose Market Share Partners (MSP) developed algorithms and regression modelling techniques. As a company Mercedes Benz have various business drivers to quantify the performance of the same. The various factors that bring sales were analysed. This includes the consistency of messaging, level and deployment of marketing media spending, activities of the competitor etc.

Major Findings

Let us discuss the inference derived from the study that did by Mercedes.

  • Effect of brand and model advertising: It was found that both the brand advertising and model (particular product) advertising drive sales. It can be direct or indirect. These activities brought more customers to the dealers. The corporate website helped in bringing potential customers. Moreover it increased the number of searches in Google, both organic and paid.
  • Factors that affect sales: The major factors which increased the sales were new designs, various incentive schemes and the advertising.
  • Sales from online advertising: Online display has increased the number of searches of both model and brand, which in turn was converted to direct sales. Another inference was that paid searches was more compared to the organic searches. It was not only the keywords related to the brand that brought traffic, but that of various models also helped.

The Results

  • Model specific advertising Vs Brand advertising: In terms of driving sales it was found Model specific advertising gave better results than the brand advertising. Brand advertising helped in creating awareness about the brand in general. But Model specific advertising helped in reaching the right customer. This helped in driving more direct sales.
  • Offline Marketing and its affect in Google Searches: Mercedes Benz study found that the Google searches have increased with the Offline marketing. The search volumes on Google have increased substantially for specific keywords. Also, it cannot be neglected that, various other factors like trend in the market has also added to the Google queries. The factors like competitor activities and changing customer requirements has made it crucial to plan offline and online activities to increase the Google queries or searches.
  • Sales from Online Marketing: In spite of the various market trends and offline activities the study revealed the effect of online marketing on driving sales. It was found the online displays and paid searches directly deliver sales in spite of all the external factors. Two percent additional sales were noted with doubling the paid searches. The conversion rate of paid searches was significantly more compared to the organic searches in Google.
  • Keywords that drive sales: Both generic and model specific keywords can increase the sales. The major insight the study revealed is the effect of doubling the searches of both generic and model specific keywords. The doubling of generics keywords has increased the overall sale of Mercedes Benz by around 35%, where as the doubling of model specific keyword has increased the sale of various model ranges by 24%.
  • Effect of natural and Paid searches: The increase in the number of searches in Google has helped in increasing the sales. Both natural and paid searches almost doubled the effectiveness of various marketing activities. This study has helped the effectiveness of integrating both online and offline advertising.
  • Paid search Vs Television advertising: The result of paid search advertising revealed the importance of the same in planning successful advertising strategies. The paid search was found more powerful in deriving greater sales than the conventional brand focussed television advertisements.


The study by Mercedes Benz in association with Market Share Partners and Google has proven the most efficient way to reach to their customers through internet. Online marketing has helped them in generating and converting leads to increase the sales.

“By driving people to web, it doubles the above the line media spend efficiency. Looking forward the online space is increasingly important for Mercedes Benz marketing strategy. We are very much focussing on the drive to web” says William Adeney, Head of Market Intelligence, Mercedes Benz UK

Image Credits: ozeclick, smalleight

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