Disney Launched A Microsite For Mickey Mouse’s Unique Birthday Campaign

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Mickey Mouse doesn’t need an introduction. First and foremost Mickey reflects in your face, in your smile, in your actions and in every day to day activity.

Mickey Mouse is the favorite cartoon,  winning hearts for ages. Mickey is a free-some rebel with a charisma and magnetism in his persona. For this reason, it is the most loved and popular cartoon in the whole world. In the same way,  Mickey is curious, slightly arrogant and famous for its mischief’s. Minnie mouse is his long-time girlfriend. They deeply love each other. However, Mickey has gone to great lengths for Minnie’s happiness.

About Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

As a matter of fact, Mickey Mouse is a funny anthropomorphic cartoon, famous for its funny acts. Mickey was created by Walt Disney and UB Iwerks in 1928. First and foremost it is company’s mascot. Mickey’s height is 69 centimeters and weight is 23 pounds.

Moreover, it is the most recognized cartoon character pioneering the American culture.


“When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it’s because he’s so human; and that is the secret of his popularity. I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse.”
―Walt Disney

For 88 years, Mickey is making us laugh out loud for its funny and mischievous acts. In addition to this, Mickey signifies fun, laughter, goodwill and Walt Disney himself. However, His wife Lillian Disney says, she has seen both Mickey and Walt grew together and are mirrors of each other.

Mickey Mouse

Moreover, Mickey’s silhouette has become an iconic image of Walt Disney’s Label.

In fact, Mickey Mouse created in replacement of Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, created by Disney and Iwerks for Charles Mintz. In the meantime, when Disney asked Mintz to increase the budget and Mintz responded rudely saying that he owned the rights and offered to take a 20 percent budget cut. Paradoxically,  Disney refused the deal and was fired from the job. Disney was betrayed and wanted to restart the work and come up with a new character. As a result, Disney has got a lesson to always own the rights.

Furthermore, in spring 1928, Disney wanted to keep the company active so he asked Iwerks to work on new character ideas. In fact, Iwerks tried a lot of animals like cat, dog, female cow, male horse etc but nothing appealed Disney. Incidentally, Walt Disney got inspired by a domestic mouse on his desk at Laugh-O-Gram Studio in Kansas City, Missouri.

Mortimer Mouse was the name original name of the new character but his wife suggested changing the name to Mickey Mouse.

“Mickey’s a little bit in your face. Mickey’s like, ‘Hey! I’m smart, I can do anything, I get into trouble, but I can get out of it… I’m sort of rebellious, you know. I live by my own rules.’ He’s an adolescent dream, is what he is. Rebelling and making it work, that’s Mickey.”

―Writer Ron Suskind during the American Experience: Walt Disney special on PBS


1.) Mickey Mouse has nominated 10 times Academy Awards for best short animated films.
The movies are:

  1. Mickey’s Orphans(1931)
  2. Building a Building(1933)
  3. Brave little tailor(1938)
  4. The Pointer(1939)
  5. Lend a Paw (1941)
  6. Squatter’s Rights (1946)
  7. Mickey and the Seal (1948)
  8. Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983)
  9. Runaway Brain(1935)
  10. Get a Horse(2013)

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Amongst all the nominations “Lend a Paw” actually won the award. In addition to this, Walt Disney received an Honorary Award for Mickey’s creation and popularity.

2.) Mickey’s ears always face the same direction, no matter where is he facing.

3.) Mickey’s size is inconsistent. However, its size is 69 centimeters but it has shown similar to Donald duck.

4.) Mickey’s full name was declared as Michael Mouse in the cartoon Symphony Hour, and again in the “house of mouse”. In a French comic “La planète des cerveaux” his name was revealed as Michael Theodore Mouse.

5.) Mickey was featured #50 among the top 50 animated characters in Empire Magazine. His listing was low due to lack of critically low featured animated films.

6.) Mickey being company’s mascot his silhouette is used in logos for Disney channel, Toon Disney, Playhouse Disney etc.

7.) Mickey and Minnie never got married on screen. But they are married in real life.

8.) Both Mickey’s voice actor Wayne Allwine and Minnie’s voice actress Russi Taylor are married.

9.) First ever spoken line of Mickey was “The Hotdogs!” in The Karnival Kid (1929)

10.) Mickey Mouse received 80,000 fan mails in 1993

11.) Mickey’s parents never made a visible appearance

12.) Mickey has more than 290 outfits

13.) Superhuman strength is demonstrated by Mickey in the original game “The Epic Mickey”

14.) In Aladdin, When Rajah transformed from kitten to tiger, Rajah’s face was turned to Mickey

Business Objective for Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

Disney India wanted to celebrate Iconic Character Mickey Mouse’s 88th Birthday on 18th November 2016. They wanted to give a chance to wish Mickey Mouse in a unique way via social activity.

Strategy adopted for Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Celebration

Disney India launched a microsite for Mickey’s Fans to wish him by doing a unique activity on their social media accounts. For this reason, the microsite consist of an option to upload a pic then add Mickey Mouse’s ears to their photograph, resize it, rotate and share it on Social Media.


In fact, this activity was launched on 11th November 2016, a week before Mickey’s Birthday. As a result, all the pictures of the fans were displayed in the gallery on the microsite. Therefore, all the fans can celebrate the magic of Disney.


As a matter of fact, not only children, Adults also took part actively and felt nostalgic while wishing Mickey a Happy birthday.


Results Obtained

  • As a result, thousands of Fans participated in the activity and visited the microsite to upload their pictures adding Mickey’s ears and shared it on social media.
  • On Average, Mickey’s Fans spent 3 min 40 sec on its microsite.
  • Over 55,702 Fans overjoyed
  • 57,243 different pictures were uploaded on the microsite
  • 1,55,279 number of page views were recorded due to this activity


  • Idea of launching a microsite was successfully executed
  • In fact, Sharing the activity on social media encouraged their friends to join in too and celebrate the same
  • Wide array of fan’s photos on microsite was showcased in the form of gallery encouraged others to upload the pic and share it on their social media accounts

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mickey_Mouse, https://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Mickey_Mouse

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