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Microsoft Launches Facebook Messenger In Basic Nokia Phone

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Microsoft Launches Facebook Messenger In Basic Nokia PhoneDid you know Facebook messenger in basic Nokia Phone has been launched by Microsoft?

About Microsoft Mobile

Microsoft mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, is a multinational mobile phone manufacturing company with its head quarters in Finland. Microsoft mobile manufactures mobile phones, smart phones, tablet PCs and other related products. This is Microsoft’s second attempt in the smart phone business. Microsoft’s first entry into this market came in 2010 and the company acquired Danger Inc. as a part of it. The new line of products from Microsoft was based on Windows CE operating system and it was marketed under the brand name Microsoft Kin phone. However, that mobile phone business did not pick well for Microsoft and the company lasted only for few months. They eventually stopped manufacturing and marketing of Kin phones because of poor sales.

In April 2014, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices & Services division – the mobile manufacturing division of Nokia – for $7.2 billion and the Microsoft Mobile Company was formed. Microsoft and Nokia had mutually agreed to a 10 years license agreement between themselves that gave the Microsoft Mobile Company the right to sell its mobile phones under the Nokia brand name if such phones are based on the S30, which comes under feature phone category. However, Lumia smart phones are out of this license agreement so those phones will not be launched under Nokia brand. Microsoft has officially announced that its future Lumia brand products would carry the Microsoft logo.

Microsoft Introduced Nokia 215 – A basic phone with Facebook Messenger

Microsoft recently announced a new entry level mobile phone under Nokia brand name, named Nokia 215. This phone is launched with an aim to tap first time mobile buyers in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. It appears that Microsoft is more comfortable to use Nokia brand to its latest addition. Since the Nokia 215 is not a smart phone, it does not run Windows phone operating system in it. It is the most affordable phone launched by Microsoft so far and it is priced at just $29, excluding tax.

Microsoft Launches Facebook Messenger In Basic Nokia PhoneThough it is a normal phone priced at lesser rate, it comes with some additional smart phone like features and that makes this phone so special. Way back in 2013, Nokia came up with a basic phone for $85 with smarter than average camera phone features. Now in 2015, after Nokia is acquired by Microsoft, Microsoft wants to continue with the same strategy by launching Nokia 215 to an even lower price at just $29. Nokia 215 has no 3G but this internet ready phone has 2G network with Bluetooth. This model phone is launched with preloaded Facebook messenger, Opera mini browser and Bing search in its 2G toolbox. Nokia 215 is an upgraded model of Nokia 130 which was priced at $25 but that model offered no internet connectivity.

What are the features of Nokia 215 phone ?

This most affordable internet phone from Microsoft supports many apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Bing Search, Opera Mini, MSN Weather and many others. This model phone come with some amazing features. Its screen is 320 * 240 pixels with QVGA LCD display and is equipped with 8MB RAM, 3.0 Bluetooth, MP3 & FM radio features. It has a front-facing camera with 0.3 mega pixel resolutions. Using its Bluetooth, Nokia 215 model phones can be paired with a Bluetooth speaker and handset easily. The memory of this phone can be expanded up to 32 GB so we would able to handle more data compared to any other low end internet phone that falls within the same price bracket.

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By introducing Nokia 215, it is evident that Microsoft would continue to trend in bringing more economical phones and establish its name in the market in the coming years. They introduced affordable mobile phone to the first time mobile users while continue to stick with Nokia’s flagship products, Lumia brand handsets. A Microsoft spokesperson said that the Nokia 215 would be their first entry level phone that has equipped with Facebook and Messenger with instant notifications which would give people more options to connect with their friends & family.

Microsoft’s strategy for basic mobile phone market

Many experts in the marketing field wonders why did Microsoft want to launch low end mobile phone at this time rather than focusing on its latest addition, Lumia smartphones? It is understood that Microsoft gives attention to that part too. However, Lumia Smartphone cannot enter the segment where Nokia 215 model phones could fit in. People at Microsoft knew the potential of low end phone market where the growth in the mobile market is strongest.

Microsoft Launches Facebook Messenger In Basic Nokia PhoneNokia 215 is equipped with Bing Search and MSN Weather. These are two Microsoft brands that the company wants to push with this latest addition to its product category. It appears like a deliberate attempt from Microsoft Mobile Company to build a brand loyalty in the long run amongst its Nokia 215 phone customers. Are they going to apply the same tactics to market Lumia Smartphone as well? We need to wait and see that in the coming days. But experts feel that it is most unlikely to happen so. Microsoft is doing its ground work to set up for a services-centric future in mobile so the company would likely to focus on that area in the coming years.

It was Nokia’s strategy to push Microsoft branded services using another mobile platform. However, Microsoft did not want to focus much on that idea but to concentrate more on to push Lumia smart phones. It was appeared that the company wants to axe all low end mobile phones from Nokia and convert these low end phone customers into Microsoft account holders via upgraded low end phones. Microsoft took this stand because it sees high potential in that market and the company introduced Nokia 215 mobile phone as a first step to achieve their business objective.

The phone uses a series 30+ operating system. Users can enjoy 20 hours of talk time and a standby time of up to 29 days. This phone is durable over hi tech features so it is a best choice of handset to use in a place where electricity shortage is high. As all its built-in apps work on 2G connection, people would find more convenient to use this phone in remote areas.

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    • 4 years ago

      Arun Sankar   /   Reply

      Google might have big muscles in the smart phone section. But it is Nokia who dominates the basic models. This should be a great decision made by Microsoft unless Google tries to compete with some other alternative.

    • 4 years ago

      Madhavarao Kulkarni   /   Reply

      Looks to be a good strategy.
      Microsoft also has an opportunity to push hotmail, bing, MSN, and many other services via their products. Hence place them also in user base against today’s Google products.

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