Mimio Leveraged Inbound Marketing Tactics To Achieve 70% Hike In Web Traffic

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Case Studies, Inbound Marketing

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About Mimio:

Mimio creates and develops educational technology, both software and hardware for elementary or primary schools, high school, and universities. The main products of mimio are determined around computer based whiteboard interactive teaching strategy.

Business Objectives Of Mimio:

Mimio was a company that was completely based on educational technology. As a company they had two major goals:

1) To create qualified capable leads for their sales team

2) To be known as a true leader in their field of education.                                                                 .

 Strategy / Approaches Adopted By Mimio:

The major challenges faced by Mimio were they used four diverse software platforms to manage their landing pages, email, website analytics, and social media. This resulted in a fragmented marketing strategy. Thus to overcome this problem they had joined hands with Hubspot to overcome them. The following was the strategy adopted by Mimio to overcome these challenges:

  • First of all they have integrated with hubspot and salesforce.com which helped them to increase the fluidly in the integrate email, lead nurturing and scoring; this was the strategy they had been trying to execute for about a year but did not achieve any success.
  • The SEO tool used by HubSpot has transformed their management of SEO, and the blog hosted by HubSpot has changed the way they communicate with their customers.
  • The tried to have a combination of their self writings by their authors, had some guest articles written by some industry professionals and customer case studies, this blog has helped them create a excess in new leads each and every month.
  • They have used HubSpot’s Marketing Automation strategy to divide their clients based on where they are in their course of purchase choice.
  • With HubSpot’s powerful Email Marketing, Landing Pages tools, and Lead Management the marketing team at Mimio can promptly create the emails and pages they require without having a need to ask any developers for help.

Results Achieved By Mimio:

After associating themselves with hubspot and using some perfect inbound techniques, Mimio has seen some drastic results in a very less span of time.

  • They have achieved number one rank in target key words.
  • Increased their web traffic by about 70% year over year.
  • Exceeded by 40% in their monthly leads and goals.


They have used several inbound techniques and had finally achieved success in obtaining the right online marketing strategy. They have finally started getting some nurturing and segmenting leads, gradually profiling the leads, and having a quick dashboard and proper reports on the daily basis showed them how well they’re doing.

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