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Mini-SEO Tips That May Have Eluded You Till Now

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Search engine optimization is a basic tool that every business uses today in order to gain an edge over its competitors online. One must have read many write-ups discussing some big SEO tips. So, what is the need for reading this particular blog which promises to give its readers only the mini-SEO tips? It is relevant to read this blog in the busy hours as we often tend to miss out on small things which are crucial for the ever growing success of the business.

This blog; therefore, focuses on 3 very important and relevant mini-SEO tips that may have eluded us but require immediate attention as follows:

  • Include Relevant Images In The Blog

Businesses trust blogs to communicate with their target customers.  Hence it is required to optimize a blog for maximum ROI. One way of doing this is to add relevant images and change the file name, title of the image and alternate text of the same. Once this is done, it ensures that Google will find the blog more easily by locating and understanding the image itself, hence improving its ranking as well.

  • Reduce The Words In URL/Permalink

There is no need to copy and paste the entire title of the post in the permalink or the URL as this creates a lot of garbage on Google. Instead it is required that only the most specific & important keywords are typed in the permalink bar. This will optimize the way the URL works and there are chances of high post ranking on Google.

  • Build A YouTube Channel For The Website

Create a YouTube channel for your website and use it to post links to your website.Since YouTube is managed by Google, this will help in gaining more authority over the keywords online. Use keywords in the YouTube video and embed it on the blog post & vice versa to generate more traffic on the website. One needs to add/type a targeted keyword and relevant link and click on ‘apply’ button to ensure that it appears in the links’ list on the right hand side of the video post.

One can follow the above mentioned tips and leverage on SEO as optimally as possible.

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