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Mobile Advertising’s Future Unleashed At The 9th India Digital Summit, IAMAI

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Undoubtedly, the year passed by has been the year of mobile advertising for brands and agencies looking forward to increase the pace and expand the reach of their current marketing strategy. The mobile advertising spends have grown rapidly and it has been witnessed that the companies now are spending triple the amount on mobile advertising than ever before.

To further substantiate the concept and throw light upon the upcoming opportunities and issues faced in the mobile advertising ecosystem, the industry experts and influential speakers hailing from major companies discussed the same in the panel discussion held at the 9th India Digital Summit, IAMAI. Here are the insights given by them on how to survive and survive the turbulent mobile advertising drive.

The session moderator Mr. Anurag Singh Co-Founder & ED-India (Ads Platform), Affle initiated the discussion forum by highlighting the fact that there lies ahead a huge growth in terms of users and revenues.

Following were the key takeaways from the discussion that he concluded:

  • It is important to add relevance to the content and give due significance to the signals
  • Work on areas so as not to hamper user advertising experience
  • Lastly, it is important to get relevant notifications as well as rich media ads

Nilay Arora, Country Head – WeChat India &

He stated that services are getting defined and redefined time and again. It is essential to look at the fact that mobile internet connection can be reached out from different platforms. This however, crucially depends upon the attention span of the user which gets deviated from the banner advertising. The latter format is losing its space. Following were the key takeaways from his end:

  • Brands should overcome the challenge in banner advertising and give the good experience to the user
  • Native advertising is what should be focused on by the brands as users have adopted these platforms
  • Major threat currently posed is that user attention is getting lost.
  • More attention is given to notifications and push notifications and that is a great opportunity for advertisers’ to cash upon.
  • He anticipates more platform evolution in 2015 to understand and bring value beyond performance to the ads.

He substantiated by giving the example of WeChat wherein efforts are made to ensure that the notifications do not hamper user experience as they get the message through that notification only. This would help to device their strategy and gather user attention.

Kunal Shah, Founder, Freecharge

Kunal put forth that we are creating platforms through mobile advertising which is being ignored especially in the urban areas.  Following were the key takeaways that highlight his inputs:

  • Voice and text are the only platforms that are used, so leverage upon that for better mobile advertising
  • Mobile advertising should not change for those people who do not have access to smartphones
  • Need to create integrated voice platforms through optimum method
  • The engagement level has grown to a great extent.
  • Voice information can be easily put across which is done through mobile advertising only
  • Non mobile brands in ecosystem should be pulled to get good user experience
  • For mobile advertising in 2015, he looks at three things:
  1. Relevant targeting
  2. Investment
  3. Experimentation

Parul Bhargava, Co-Founder, vCommission

She primarily focused on performance advertising. Parul stated that as an affiliate performer, there are certain challenges that she faced, especially when monetization comes up as a performance platform. She had put forth the following points:

  • Affiliate ecosystem is fulfilling a lot of the cost needs today.
  • Affiliate & programmatic channels have posed to be competitive domains in both mobile and web.
  • People are counting upon and looking for programmatic platforms, as it helps in ranking a lot to target the campaign.
  • Affiliate marketing works on what the advertisers want to portray. So, working on that to give good purview of what the advertiser wants to be displayed to the user.
  • 2015 will be a year of investment, experimentation and optimization to see results in next year.
  • Also, CPI will evolve as metrics have to be figured out.

Kunal Soni, Head of Performance Advertising Business, South East Asia & India at Google

Here is what one of the most actively involved panelist, Kunal Soni had to say regarding the future of mobile advertising:

  • Google operates and searches have huge growth in terms of number of users as well as the timse spent. This goes well for advertisers.
  • It is important for businesses to nail down the objective and analyze the programmatic platform to reach out to solve the issues.
  • Traditional ways are not working, so there is a need to analyze the same
  • Answers to questions like ‘Are assets ready for transaction?’ ‘Which signals are there to do the same?’ need to be found.
  • Tools and techniques allow metrics to get into advertiser’s stride. For instance:  Google Analytics provide such platform. However, it is about whether advertiser wants to use it or not.
  • He is most excited about cross device rather than view through, as there is a lot more interest for more qualified targeting.
  • Advertising will clearly become richer in terms of quality of inputs, user location, user contact and demographics will enhance creativity. This concept will evolve.

He anticipates that 2015 will be the year:

  1. of re-engagement to drive more stickiness to the users
  2. to evolve user experience
  3. to work on the quality of mobile signals

Tushar Vyas, Managing Partner, GroupM

Tushar started-off the discussion by stating that with 900+ million phones and 700 million users using mobile phones should be kept out of the way for the time as no mass media can count that. Instead, how to unlink the ecosystem is the question of the hour.

  • Digital is at just one and a half level in the advertising domain.
  • There is a huge amount of space to grow because advertising spent is just 1-2% only.
  • Currently mobile only companies and brands follow the same as ecosystem gets evolved in the same manner.
  • User inquisitiveness is increasing so mobile advertising has a huge scope on that.
  • Tushar contradicted Parul on programmatic way of advertising and said that the manual is the opposite which is costly as well.
  • Basic mobiles at the base level and smartphones at the higher level can be cashed upon as well.
  • Real time messaging will bring about the change for brands.
  • Biggest challenge is to get and grab the attention of the customer, focus on relevance of the content, in the form as to which the message is conveyed to the user.

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