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Mobile Subscriptions In India To Reach 1.4 Billion By 2020

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Mobile phones have undoubtedly and unquestionably turned out to be a must-have device for every individual. With the rising number of population in the country, the number of people subscribing to mobile phones is also increasing at the same pace.

The resultant factor is that as per a recent report it has come across that India is going to witness at least 1.4 billion mobile subscribers by 2020. According to the report released by a Swedish communication technology and service provider Ericcson, this is going to result in the population penetration of 100 percent. Additionally, the growth will majorly be driven by the increasing affordability of the mobile phone devices and services.

India head at Ericsson Chris Houghton stated:

“Maintaining and improving quality of the user experience is likely to be at the top of Indian operators’ agenda over the coming years”

Adding to this, Chris also stated, ‘A network with a mix of macro sites and small cells will need to be established to manage coverage, capacity and network performance for the best user experience and to meet the growing demand for data services.”

The report clearly suggests that the GSM/EDGE subscriptions will decline from 780 million in 2014 to around 510 million by 2020. This is due to migration of subscribers to 3G. Besides this, the report also states that due to the increase in proportion of WCDMA/HSPA subscriptions from 13 percent to 45 percent, it shall increase from over 120 million in 2014 to around 620 million by 2020.

While the LTE subscriptions are scripted to reach more than 230 million by 2020, thus creating close to 17 percent of the total subscription base. At present, with 95 percent population coverage, GSM/EDGE technology has the widest reach in India.

Furthermore, depicting the trends of Indian consumers, the report also substantiates that “On an average, Indian smartphone user spends over three hours a day on their smartphones and 25 percent of them check their phones over 100 times a day.” Additionally, from the report it has also come across that approximately one-third of the time spent on smartphones is dedicated to access apps, chiefly for chatting, accessing social media and playing games.

Here is what the report further states: “There has been an increase of over 20 percent in the overall time spent on smartphones and around a 65 percent increase in app usage since 2012, when Ericsson ConsumerLab measured these parameters” “Nearly 65 percent of mobile broadband users prefer to stream rather than download videos on smartphones and 4 out of 10 videos played have issues with buffering and stalling.”

“Across all mobile technologies in India, monthly data usage per subscriber is still relatively low, primarily because of a sub-optimal 2G and 3G user experience. This is caused by the inability of 2G networks to support high-bandwidth services, insufficient 3G network coverage, and a lack of relevant local content,” it said.

The report also points out that monthly mobile data consumption is expected to increase 18-fold by 2020 over current levels.

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