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Mobile Text Ads: Google Will Soon Introduce Price Extension

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Before we think of purchasing something, we decide upon how much they would cost and what all options are available in that budget. For this reason, Google has introduced price extensions to mobile text ads.Price-Extensions-google-adwords-text-ad

What is Google AdWords price extension?

In mobile text ads, they are the additional information that showcases the services and range of products along with how much they cost. It could be weekend cricket tickets or temporary storage space.

It is a whole new way for advertisers to showcase their products, services, and prices, with a new feature for AdWords text ads.

Why price extensions?

The price extensions on mobile text ads offer many advertisers the first opportunity to show the information related to pricing for various products and services in their ads.

How will they appear?

This new feature to mobile text ads will show as a list below the main ad copy on mobile.

The price extensions will appear as multiple rows, providing important information to the prospective customers before they click on the ad. Each row will show a type of service or product with description and the cost, and a link that lands you to a relevant web page.

Being the first extension, it is probably going to trigger a tough competition that will potentially drive up mobile CPCs in a better way.

How can you set up price extensions?

Price extensions are going to roll out over the next few days, so it may not appear in your account yet. However, you will see them included in the drop-down menu under the tab of Ad extensions in AdWords.

As shown in the screenshot below, you will see the setup window in order to add a new price extension. You will add a clickable title, which is a header. The description will be up to 25 characters long and a price will be added which will be qualified with a unit of per hour, day, week, month or year from the menu. The final URL is the landing page associated with the extension. google-adwords-price-extensions-setup

You can also schedule price extensions. For instance, if you wish to roll out price increases for things like occasions or limited-time  promotions.

Some other points to be kept in mind for setting up price extensions:

  • You can use the same final URL if you only have a single relevant landing page for a set of price extensions.
  • Price extensions can be set at the campaign, ad group, or account level.
  • Minimum price extensions you need to set up are three and at maximum, you  can set up eight extensions. The best fit suggested by Google is creating five or more. However, this could be a challenge in a lot of cases.
  • The price extensions should be relevant to the keywords in an ad group and  “consistent with the types of products or services being advertised.” For instance, if your ad is likely to be triggered by a search for ”dancing classes”, you don’t want to show price extensions for singing classes.

Eligibility for Price extension: What & Who

  • The new feature to Google AdWords is only showing on mobile to start.
  • At this point of time, they are only available in English.
  • Most important point is that the ad in the top position is eligible for price extensions. Probably this is the reason that these user-friendly details as well as advertiser-friendly real estate, will help drive up competition and prices on mobile. The probability of them becoming popular is quite high.

Possible impact of price extensions

With price extensions, advertisers will be able to drive qualified clicks. Since the way of highlighting information is structured, therefore, it makes it simpler for people to compare the options and decide if they wish to use your products or services.

Here is what Senthil Hariramasamy, Senior Product Manager, AdWords says about the benefits for the consumers and businesses…

This structured way of highlighting information makes it easier for people to compare their options and decide if they’re interested in your products or services — right from the mobile search results page.

Using price extension with other ad formats

You can also use price extensions effectively in combination with other ad formats except site links. For instance, if you are already using SMS ad extension, in order to drive customers to your digital marketing training company, you might create a price extension for your most popular services, like Masters in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization Certification, and others. Highlighting the price of each service might help you to drive traffic and fix a meeting, without the need of visiting your website.

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Google’s inclusion of price range in the mobile text ads is undoubtedly a huge step towards driving traffic to the advertiser’s website. What changes in the marketing strategies you think will help you with this change in Google AdWords?

Image Credits: Search Engine Journal

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