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About UAE Exchange and Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Earn More Than 815 Followers

UAE Exchange,headquartered in Abu Dhabi, is a market leader in global remittance and foreign exchange business, with presence in almost 30 countries and operates more than 700 direct offices worldwide.


The Website is a leading and commonly used online money transfer portal. It is a latest addition from UAE Exchangethat  offers the fastest money transfer service and provides round –the- clock support to all its customers online. This Website offers the facility to  send money anywhere in the world in just a few clicks using the Internet. Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Earn More Than 815 FollowersUAE Exchange’s Business Objective

UAE Exchange launched the slogan contest in march. The purpose of the campaign was to engage UAE Exchange customers on UAE Exchange social media sites,  such as  Twitter, with the following business objectives in mind:

  • Engage UAE Exchange potential customers and to enhance loyalty towards the brand among the online community.
  • Improve fan base and thereby spread awareness about this platform among participants.
  • Create awareness about the brand among active social media network users.
  • Offer an opportunity for online community members to connect with their favorite brand.
  • Build a compelling reason for continued interaction with customer on social media.
  • Bring more visitors to social media channels and information sources such as YouTube, blogs and Global website of UAE Exchange.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By UAE Exchange

This business to consumer contest was open to individuals residing anywhere in the world.Each
participant was allowed to submit three slogans per head. The contest was launched in March 2013 and lasted
till April 2013 and the results were out in the third week of April 2013. Top five slogans were chosen by the panel experts and the creators of these top 5 slogans were rewarded with exciting prizes as mentioned in the web banners posted on leading social media networks and blogs. Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Earn More Than 815 Followers

In this campaign, the company was trying to build bonds between the customers and the brand  by engaging participants with some interesting and creative ideas and contests. UAE Exchange tried to include  the maximum number of Twitter users to be a part of this slogan contest by way of  social media marketing activities and the result was excellent. Every participant got to wear  creative hats and many participants found it quite interesting. Participants got a chance to win exciting prizes for the slogan they had created and that made this content even more exciting for all.

UAE Exchange  has used social media marketing networks extensively to spread the details of this slogan
contest. UAE Exchange adapted the following strategic steps to reach out maximum number of participants online.

  • The contest news was shared on the company’s Facebook profile page.
  • Company published articles with details of the contest on the corporate global Website and many leading  blogs.
  • Web banners were shown on these Blogs, company’s global Website and other media channels. Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Earn More Than 815 FollowersTwitter  is one of the most popular social media networks. People like Twitter platform because communication in this social media space is more interactive and open. UAE Exchange used Twitter  for slogan contest as this platform offers the convenience to post questions and receive answers and make the whole campaign very interactive with the participants. Throughout this slogan contest, UAE Exchange aimed to create awareness about the company services and features, while making the whole campaign interesting to each participant.

Result Achieved Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Earn More Than 815 FollowersUAE Exchange received tremendous response from the slogan contest.  The result of this campaign revealed that higher levels of interactions and engagements happened from the participants as the slogan contest details were shared on popular social media networks.  More than 410 slogans were received and the followers on Facebook page  have gone up above 815 after this campaign.

According to Mr. Gopakumar Bhargavan, the Chief  Marketing Officer of UAE Exchange, this slogan contest was an eye opener as his company received an overwhelming response from the participants. A company spokesperson confirmed that they received many slogans even after the contest date was over.  This is a clear indication of the power of communication that UAE Exchange has used for spreading the messages online. had successfully leveraged the Social Media Marketing source to spread the contest idea and engage with a large number of  participants online.


The results of this campaign shows that an effective Social Media Marketing strategy can bring larger coverage and effectiveness to your ideas and messages online. Customer engagement is the key to any social media campaign to be a success. Hence our strategy should be aimed to bring in more and more participants and improve customer engagements.

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      Nice case study. Well presented. A true example of what role SMM plays in an organization. Strategy portion is well described.

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        Nikita, Thanks for your valuable comment and appreciation.

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      Good content. Especially the strategy and result parts are well written. I’m sharing it with my students.

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