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Monginis is an Indian pastry  and bakery chain based in Mumbai with outlets in different cities in India and Egypt . In the Brand Trust Report 2012, Monginis was ranked 605th among India’s most trusted brands and subsequently, according to the Brand Trust Report 2013, Monginis was ranked 541st among India’s most trusted brands. In 2014 however, Monginis was ranked 256th among India’s most trusted brands according to the brand trust report 2014, a study conducted by Trust Research Advisory, a brand analytics company.

Monginis also provides accessorized carry-out catering, with telephone and internet ordering options. It counts 558 exclusive franchises in total. and at least one production center each, in 38 cities. Besides Mumbai the company is present in Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Bhiwandi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Cuttack, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Indore, Kochi, Kolkata, Nashik, Pune, Palanpur, Rajkot, Secunderabad, Surat and Vadodara.

1. Ideas and innovations

Ideas and innovations make it possible for the high level excitement  to be sustainedinthe brand .

An interactive website which allows online booking of the products from all across the world to be delivered  in parts of India, where we have presence.

Pioneers of a fantastic cross delivery system which connects 11 manufacturing franchisees through an intricate network to simplify the means so that your beloveds can get a cake in any part of India order from any ware in the world.

It includes social media marketing , search engine optimisation and email marketing etc. the company wanted to create more targeting ideas and innovations with the digital marketing.

An interactive mobile application is the best idea for targeting large no. of peoples and increase website presence with the help of mobile app as well as increase the selling sources.

2. Objectives

The projects at understanding the overall co. manufacturer in india, different product categories in the market , various factors affecting in the growth and success of monginis cake in india, the challenges and opportunities which the market offers and the changing trends in the monginis cake. the company’s main objective is that to promote the brand with digital marketing which includes website marketing , email marketing , mobile application etc.

3. Stratergies

Digital marketing stratergy

Focusing more on Digital Branding, Online Advertising, Communities, Social Media Frameworks, Mobile, Email Marketing, Videos , Web Experiences and Customer Experiences.

The company’s promotional advertisement on television is more targeting and reachable to the public.

social media marketing

social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pin interest,  Google+ etc.. to increase traffic to its website. Social media is the promotional platform for co.

A mobile application is the best way to catch more peoples and promote the website through mobile app and increase selling ideas with the application. it helps to reach more peoples as well as easily to customise for peoples.

The social media marketing is more useful for the monginis marketing strategies because of Facebook. Facebook is the biggest social media marketing way to promote your brand , to catch more no. of peoples , to get more engagements , feedbacks and much more. social media marketing with the Facebook is more helpful for the brand includes the Facebook’s reachability , feedbacks and engagements. also useful to reach the peoples by their interests and behaviours, the Facebook helps to get the peoples birthdays to reach them and promote the brand. it is biggest social marketing way to get engage with the large no. of peoples.Facebook is the most engaging platform for the brand and it witness about 81859 fans over the platform.

4. internet marketing

An interactive website which allows online booking of the products from all across the world to be delivered  in parts of India, where we have presence. the website contains all the information and statistics about the cakes and other products. it also includes the offers and interactive coupon codes for the offer coupons as well as discount coupons.

Internet marketing includes e mail marketing is for the better way to feedback and conversations through the consumers and dealers as well , it helps website selling and orders , deals , offers , discounts etc.  e mail marketing is better useful for the re-targeting customers and stay connected to the website, email marketing is re targeted on the occasions of festivals , birthdays , parties, anniversaries , big ceremony’s etc.

Built a high performing team delivering on Product, SEO and Web Analytics.

On Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization by maximizing the visibility of client sites in the digital space, through the management  through Keyword research, Competitor Analysis, Meta Tag Creation, Developing the Website.

Promotional strategies

Monginis has used media such as tv , print , web, hoardings  etc. To advertise its products. It regularly comes out with offers on festive occasions.

monginis used lot of strategies to marketing the brand, includes the Facebook social media marketing promotional activities , website promotional techniques , television ad’s , mobile application etc.

5. Outcomes

Direct customers strategy helps in promotional stage. Consistently growing at more than 100% growth rate.

Facebook is the most engaging platform for the brand and it witness about 81859 fans over the platform.

Image Credits: Monginis

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